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Spreading You Wings: Shovava

One of the things that I think is important to know about me is that while I may be pushing 30, I am still very much in touch with my inner child. She is loud, opinionated, and, boy, does she like pretty things. Right now she is doing her best to convince me that it is absolutely imperative that we own one of the beautiful scarves from the Etsy shop Shovava. It’s becoming a problem because I know she isn’t going to be happy with just one.

Shovava 8 Shovava 9 Shovava 5 Shovava 4 Shovava 10 Shovava 2Shovava 11 Shovava 3 Shovava 6 Shovava 7 Shovava 12

Flowers, feathers, birds, so intricate and ethereal. I follow their Instagram, and I love, love, LOVE seeing their photo stories. If I don’t have one by December, it’ll probably be somewhere at the tippy top of my Christmas list.


All images are from the Shovava Instagram page.

More Than Porcelain

I was absentmindedly  perusing Pinterest this weekend and one of the images I  came across linked back a fascinating Etsy shop, More Than Porcelain. Artist Monica redesigns vintage pieces as well as enhancing more modern items to create pieces that are  a little cheeky with a splash of whimsy, and as you all well know, I loves me some whimsy.

More Than 1

More Than 2

More Than 3

More Than 4

More Than 5

More Than 6

I wish I could buy everything embellished with Alice in Wonderland illustrations, but I am also very much in love with the “Poison” teacup. So cute, so very cute.


All images from here.

Fashionable & Literary

I know a lot of people hate Mondays, but I think Thursday is the worst day of the week. Monday and Tuesday are sort of just there, Wednesday is the half way mark that gives you a little boost knowing that the week is more than half over and then there is Thursday. The cold bucket of water day that smacks you back into reality and reminds you that the weekend really isn’t as close as it seems. They might as well call it “Not-Friday”. My solution, look at pretty things online, and mark additional items for my various wish lists. I don’t know why, but it works. My current Esty crush is sweet little shop called PS Besitos. They make charming little purses out of hardback book covers, even better, they have purses made out of the covers of several of my favorite books.

Cutie Cluch 3 Cutie Cluch 2    Cutie Cluch 1 Cutie Cluch 5 Cutie Cluch 4

I may love the Peter Rabbit most of all, but Pride & Prejudice is a very close second.

All photos from PS Besitos.

Burrowing Home

Sunday night was one of those perfect low key evenings. Andy had his new video game extension pack to play, so I got to hang out on the couch and read/click around Etsy all evening without feeling like I was ignoring my husband. Which may sound a bit boring, but with left over pizza and some vegan carrot cake, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. My Etsy browsing turned up this sweet little shop called Burrowing Home.

Burrowing Home 1 Burrowing Home 4 Burrowing Home1 Burrowing Home 2 Burrowing Home 3 Burrowing Home 5

I have to admit it was the temporary tattoos that drew me in, I wouldn’t mind getting a bunny tattoo one day…

All images are from Burrowing Home.

For Us Crazy Pet Owners

I am a crazy cat lady, and Andy and I are a crazy cat couple. Our fluffy children are very spoiled, and they keep us wrapped around those cute little paws of theirs with very little effort. We refer to this as being “fuzzy whipped” in the Bucior household. It’s not hard to believe that I instantly fell in love with these custom return address stamps by Paper Pastries on Etsy. What a cool way to spruce up you stationary and add another layer of pet obsession to your life.

Pet Stamp 1 Pet Stamp 2 Pet Stamp 4 Pet Stamp 3 Pet Stamp 5

The only problem I can think if is trying to choose which pet to immortalize.

All images from here.