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The Lincoln Park Conservatory

When doing research for our Chicago trip, I happened upon an Instagram series of gorgeous garden pics which seemed to be taken in a large greenhouse. A quick note to the user and I had a name: The Lincoln Park Conservatory. Said user gave me a few other tips, but told me I absolutely had to pay a visit if my schedule permitted. Sunday, we found ourselves with an open afternoon, so we made our way to Lincoln Park to see what we could see.

 The first thing I want to say is that this amazing place is free to the public. FREE. As in no dollars. There is a box in the lobby for donations, but other than that, nothing. The place is well maintained and absolutely gorgeous. With the overcast day, it reminded me a little of the green house in The Haunting, but that is probably just me.     The conservatory is a series of large glass rooms all connected by a meandering path. There are flowers and plants of all types, and knowledgable staff/volunteers (honestly, I’m not sure which) are scattered about to answer any questions one might have… and also, I suspect, to keep people from touching or picking the flora.  While the ponds were my favorite, I did enjoy the orchid room. Mostly because orchids are such finicky plants and to see so many with such variety was very impressive.    It’s difficult to tell in this picture, but that little glass box is full of carnivorous plants. I know they don’t hurt people, but they still freak me out a little.   Truly, I wish Andy and I were better at gardening. He has a black thumb, and I am prone to over watering. Someday though, maybe we’ll figure it out. 

Such a beautiful place, and while a decent size, it doesn’t take long to walk through. Definitely check it out if you find yourself in the windy city with some spare time.

The Florist Bandit

As anyone who has ever received flowers as a gift can tell, there is nothing quite like a bouquet of colorful blooms to brighten your day. Now imagine how wonderful it would be to surprise hundreds of people with flowers. I read an article by Vogue about the “Florist Bandit” who is creating floral installations all over New York City. Best known for his elaborate and fantastical party and wedding creations, florist Lewis Miller started creating these “floral flashes” for the single purpose of creating a joyful moment for commuters and city dwellers. The flashes are never advertised and are usually created quickly by a team between 5:45am and when the sun rises, giving the artist time to clear out before the deluge of people heading into the office. This is without a double my favorite piece. The Alice in Wonderland statue is already incredible and then to add flowers? I don’t think it could get any better 🙂 Miller says that he and his team have no plans on stopping any time soon, and although these pieces literally pop up in a mater of hours, you can keep up with what is being created where by checking out the artist’s Instagram page or by searching the hashtag #LMDWasHere.


Images from here.

Pretty Petals & Charming Teacups

I love flowers and tea and teacups, so I’m sure it surprises no one when I talk about how much I like Floral Story series by artist Marina Malinovaya. Each image is created with a table, a tea set, and a lot of flowers. I’d also imagine a lot of patience. In addition, I suspect that the artist is some sort of wizard because I’ve seen her Instagram account and she appears to have a cat. I would never EVER be able to lay something like this on the table with out there being fluffy paws all up in everything.

 I need that teeny spoon. It’s really cute, plus it might be the source of her cat control magic.

You can check out more of her images as well as some beautiful behind the scenes shots on her Instagram page, and you can purchase some of her beautiful floral a resin jewelry and ornaments here.

Images from My Modern Met.

Adding Your Own Touch

I wear flower crowns pretty much year round, and I’ve (for my own amusement) made my poor husband don a flower beard, but I have nothing on Brussles florist Geoffroy Mottart. Mottart gives new life to the “cold” monuments of the city in his project entitled “Fleurissements”. Since each piece lasts roughly a day, the artist can revisit his subjects and create multiple looks for his favorites.

I would look like this every day if I could. So much purple! Plus I’ve always wanted gorgeous long hair.

 This is my favorite; it seems improbable to create a masculine flower beard, but the gentleman above looks floral, but undeniably manly. Best family photo EVER.

To see more of Fleurissements, you can check out the artist’s Instagram page or read this article.

All images from Bored Panda.

Paper Flower Baller: Zoe Bradley

I am always down for a good craft, and I like to think that I am pretty good when it comes to tutorials and DIYing, but every now and again I run up against something that keeps me humble and reminds me there will always some one out there who can make your skills look like finger painting at the kiddie table. I am completely in awe of the two huge floral chandeliers created by Zoe Bradley for the Burlington Arcade.


Made from more than 1,860 paper flowers, these gorgeous installations were created in honor of the shop’s reopening last summer.FC7 FC3 FC6

I’ll admit to being a bit slack-jawed when I first saw these images. I’ve made paper flowers before, and the hours and hours of work that had to go into these pieces is staggering.FC2 FC1

And now I want to make a smaller one to hang in my dinning room. I think it would be awesome for a party or, you know, a Wednesday. Without a doubt, it would be an excellent conversation piece.


All images from Zoe Bradley Design.