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Getting Ready to Sparkle

We are quickly moving towards the more glamorous part of the holiday season. Halloween is fun, Thanksgiving is comfy casual, but Christmas & New Years? Those holiday parties usually require a little something special. Now these Party Dresses by Free People may not be the most budget friendly option, but you definitely won’t have to worry about showing up in the same dress as someone else. Glitzy, Glamorous and Gorgeous.

FP Dress 1 FP Dress 2 FP Dress 3 FP Dress 4 FP Dress 5 FP Dress 7 FP Dress 6


Serious eye candy, but I will most likely be adding something like this to my closet about the same time as start making enough to allow Andy to be a house husband. He has already promised that if I figure out how to make him a “kept man” he’ll cook, clean and work out until he gets ripped like Hugh Jackson was in the Xmen movies. A girl’s gotta dream big right?

November Free People Lookbook

I am kind of in love with the November Lookbook from Free People. The first skim went a little like this, “Want it, want it, need it, look at the beading!, want it…”, you get the idea. Andy just made non-committal noises and read his email. Some of the outfit combinations aren’t really my style, but I would really really like to own many of the individual pieces. My favorite is the skirt in the fourth photo (it also comes in olive green and black), closely followed by the dress in the fifth photo. Floaty layers and sparkles, go figure?

November FP 1

November FP 2

November FP 3

November FP 4

November FP 5

November FP 6

November FP 7

Now all I need is weather cool enough to necessitate layers, and one of those super cozy chunky knit sweaters.


All images from Free People.

Friday Link Love

Friday Link Love 1

It’s a rainy Norah Jones song kind of day, but that’s okay because it’s Friday. That means I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, or wake up early. Really, that’s all I need to make it a good day. To sweeten the end of the week buzz here are the links.

I’ve always found the idea of basil ice cream interesting, but I’ve not been brave enough to try it.

The most recent Living In by Design Sponge is for the Babysitter’s Club movie, I honestly didn’t care much for the movie itself, but I couldn’t get enough of the books when I was growing up.

One of my favorite Pinterest boards of the week.

The July Catalog for Free People.

These beautiful covered books are now at the top of my Etsy favorites list.

For those of you who don’t understand how bad-ass being a vegan can be, check out Thug Kitchen.*

A great DIY for making cute custom envelopes for pretty much any occasion.

And to wrap it up, a look at Amanda’s sketchbook and the upcoming designs for Wit & Whistle.


Image from here.
*contains language some my find offensive

Summer Date Night Dresses

I it’s important to have a date night. Even if you’re married, especially if you’re married. Relationship status aside a girl needs to dress up and go out somewhere special, even if she has to take her self. Bonus, you have an excuse to buy some thing pretty. Something a little floaty, a little girly and a little sexy, and right now I am really digging the summer dress collection at Free People.

Date Night Dress 1 Date Night Dress 2 Date Night Dress 3 Date Night Dress 4 Date Night Dress 5 Date Night Dress 6 Date Night Dress 7 Date Night Dress 8


See? Absolutely perfect for a sultry summer date night.

All images and dresses from Free People.


Pretty Things

I am feeling a little absent minded today. The columns of numbers and spreadsheets I am supposed to be wrangling are being overshadowed by wayward thoughts about take out food for dinner and the possibility of a Friday afternoon nap vs. running some errands….Before I know it, I’ve been staring off into space long enough to dry out my contacts and completely loose track of what I was working on.  I guess we never really shake the complacency inspired by summer vacations of years past.  So in the spirit of summer I give you four absolutely gorgeous summer dresses. These lovely white frocks are a limited edition summer collection designed by Free People. Unfortunately a little out of my price range, but someday, when I become independently wealthy, I will have a closet full of light a floaty garments like this. Beats the hell out of office casual.

I wish you all a very happy Friday, I am off to make some sense out of the mess on my desk and find my eye drops.  Some days I really miss my glasses.

Images and purchase information from here.