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Friday Link Love

This weekend is a very special weekend, you guys. It’s the weekend before Birthday Week! Originally, I hadn’t planned on doing any special, but Andy asked me the other day what I wanted to do to kick off the festivities and I’m not going to say “no” to additional merriment and indulgence.  There isn’t a set plan yet -he and I have both been a bit under the weather the last few days-, but I have some ideas. There is a list of potential restaurants and activities that I am carefully compiling and I’ll make my final selections after we wake up and take stock of how we’re feeling. So keep your fingers crossed. I like a relaxing weekend at home as much as the next girl, but I’d really like to get out and do something a little special while Andy is inclined to give me my way.

Andy and I are both very scent sensitive, and a lot of the spray-able “fresheners” are frankly a bit much, but I am interested to try this DIY version.

If you haven’t already, go check out A Wrinkle in Time. It deviates from the book a bit, but the costuming alone makes it all worth it.

I’ve heard of missing things about your ex, but I’ve never heard of missing his water filter.

These PB&J petit fours are adorable and worthy of the Great British Baking Show.

How cute and inspiring are these free phone backgrounds?

I picked up these amazing glitter shoes on super sale at Urban Outfitters. They needed to be stretched a bit, but now they’re great.

Some good social tips on how to talk about money.

I love all of the Easter decor that’s out right now, and all of the amazing crafts that everyone is planning. Awesome things like this rainbow egg wreath diy.



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Friday Link Love

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I’ve given you guys sporadic updates, but it feels like my life turned into a crazy merry-go-round November last year, and as hard as I am trying, I can’t seem to get off of the damn thing. I’ve been really lucky to have friends and family that have reached out with help and support to keep me from going crazy. Right now my mom is in town to help me get things back on track and (hopefully) start off my 32nd year on a more stable note. She also, very generously, bought us a new washer and dryer which made me ridiculously giddy. Which then in turn made me feel super old. I’ve recently found myself contemplating some life changes, and I think it’ll be interesting to see how they turn out and how they affect this space. Even though I’ve not be posting as regularly, I KNOW I want to keep blogging. Whether you know it or not, you guys have made a huge difference in my life. You push me to try new things and keep me accountable. Now to the important part, the links!

I just purchased this little cutie to wear for my birthday dinner.

Fresh flowers are always a great way to brighten up a space; here are some tips for making a beautiful arrangement with store bought blooms.

I am the worst about letting my work stress follow me home, here is some advice on how to care less about your job.

This article is supposed to tell you how to be more likable, but I think some of these things are just good life lessons to learn.

It’s never too early to start thinking about swimsuits when you live in Florida; this Amazon round up has some great options. I am thinking about being brave and giving #5 a try this year.

I am thinking about hosting a movie night, just so I can have an excuse to try out this delicious looking dip. And to make sure there are people around to keep me from eating it all…


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Friday Link Love

You guys, something really exciting happened this week! I had not one, but TWO perfectly crisp golden hued leaves in my driveway yesterday. I made a happy sound and stepped on them and was rewarded with that deeply satisfying autumn crunch. It’s almost like fall is trying to happen in Florida. The thermostat has even been steadily below 90. I know that isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of the season, but I’ll take every little bit I can. Especially with Tropical Storm Nate lurking closer than we Floridians would like. A little rain is fine, but I think the state has been through enough for this year, thank you very much. I might even bake some of the spice cookie recipes I’ve been bookmarking for the last month. I think some spice cookies and a nice mug of hot cider sound pretty perfect for a lazy Saturday or Sunday evening, and not a bad way to end the husband’s birthday week. To the links!

10 Regrets too many people will have in the next decade, and how to avoid being one of them.

A hotel that is fully booked the moment you check in? Intriguing.

Loving these tips on making your mood board a reality.

While I don’t think I’ll ever be a true “minimalist”, I think these are some great suggestions about how to curate and maintain a more meaningful household.

I’ve never considered taking myself “back to school shopping” as an adult. Now I think it might be fun to give it a try.

This gorgeous number is everything I want in a slip dress.

With the right tools, these votive picture frames would be a simple DIY that I think would work very well for your home or as a holiday gift.

I am only starting to dabble into the wide intimidating world of cake decorating, but I would love to give this cake a try.



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Friday Link Love

Hey guys! As you read this, I am running around Orlando with my west coast bestie. Last month she told me she was going to be in Florida for about a week visiting family and we decided immediately that we had to work out a way for us to see each other. Orlando is a good half way point, so here we are. Unfortunately, the trip is too short for us to work in any theme park time, but we are hoping to make it over to Disney Springs to soak up a bit of the Disney magic and probably take in some of the excellent baked goods offered all over the shopping/dining mecca. If you feel like following along with this little adventure, you can always check out my Instagram page. Usually I am pretty good at posting, provided I don’t forget my charger or something like that. Keep your fingers crossed for a safe drive, and I will see you guys back here on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Crepe paper always seemed a bit…well…meh as a decorating option, but this tutorial has given me a whole new respect for the humble roll of crepe paper, and I can’t wait to try it out.

Scented candles are a constant in our house, but I’ve never really considered rules or guidelines for how/when/where to burn them. Fortunately, this lady has.

This is so our house, it’s scary.

For the first time since 1972 snow leopards are off the endangered species list! Here are some cute photos to celebrate.

I’m a pretty big fan of glitter, but the first look in this trio is a bit much even for me. The other two however, are right up ally.

This article about pumpkin spice immersion had both Andy and myself laughing so hard. So much spice!

I am so in love with this top, and it’s so cool that they offer the option of purchasing starter collections to help you build your wardrobe.

These modernized illustrations of Disney princesses are beautiful, and they’ve given me some style goals.



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Friday Link Love

It’s the first day of fall, ladies and gents! I feel like I should be doing something special like burning a PSL while dancing around in Ugg boots waving a plaid blanket scarf. You know, something seasonally appropriate. I am at least wearing the single plaid shirt I own. I thought about stopping through Starbucks or something for hot cider, but it’s about 80 degrees outside right now, and as much a my little heart wants to believe it’s fall, my head knows I am still at least a month out. It probably won’t stop me from a little bit of indulgence though. I mean, I have already gone apple picking and made baked goods from said apples. There’s no going back from that. Besides, I still have a veggie crisper full of hand picked apples, so I can’t stop baking any time soon. So many apples. #sorrynotsorry

This season, my favorite season, has to be started by watching Matt Bellassai Wine About It: Why Fall is the Worst. I love fall, but this makes me laugh so hard. Plus the bit about pumpkin is 100% true. Just saying.

If unlike me, your partner is interested in participating in seasonally themed shenanigans, here are 10 Charming Fall Date Ideas.

Also, now that I know they exist, I need these fairy light filled pumpkins in my life.

I read something very exciting, Practical Magic, one of my favorite movies/books is getting a prequel in November! The Rules of Magic will be about the aunts, Jett & Frances, and their mysterious brother Vincent. I can’t wait!

I’ve never made a whole lot of bundt cakes, but this recipe for Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake with Pecan Praline Glaze… yeah, that sounds amazing.

Evidently, being a royal isn’t all gracious waving and tiara wearing; there are rules. Some important, some ridiculous, but still rules!


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