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Thanksgiving Table Wishlist

Just because I am not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year doesn’t mean that I haven’t considered what I’d be setting my table with if I was. Whether deciding to stick to the more traditional natural colors or mix things up with saturated jewel tones, I think having some sparkly bits scattered about the table is a wonderful idea. While I must confess I have a certain fondness for the current rose gold trend when it comes to adorning your table, I am equal opportunity when it comes to all things gilded. Here are some of my favorite table elements:

Thanksgiving Table

  1. Geo Glass HurricaneWest Elm
  2. Oregano Napkin RingsTerrain
  3. Quartet Flatware SetTerrain
  4. Pomegranate Salt & Pepper ShakerNeiman Marcus
  5. Shining WishboneAnthropologie
  6. Ambrose Champagne FluteAnthropologie
  7. Foxed Mirrored Townhouse LanternsWest Elm
  8. Francesca Glass Serving BowlPier 1
  9. Vintage Style Pie ServersWorld Market

What are you planning for your dinner table? Are you for or against sparkly bits?

Hostess Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is next week, which means November is almost over; when did this happen!? Even though I am currently in the process of doing laundry, locating our suitcases, cleaning the house, I am also trying for find some time to run to the mall. The impending week long trip will land Andy and I in a couple different cities and at a few different holiday tables. Since these lovely people are feeding us, and in some cases letting us stay with them, I think it is only polite to bring them a little gift to thank them for their hospitality. My host/hostess gift of choice is something indulgent that helps the recipient relax after they finally have the house back to themselves. Below are some of my top choices:

Hostess Gift Small


1. Teabag Tub Soaks
2. My Petite Spa Discovery Kit
3. Artisan S’mores Kit
4. Teavana Holiday Tea Collection
5. Capri Blue Candle
6. Shimmery Bow Slipper
7. Tea & Herb Truffles
8. Chenille Throw
9. Godiva Coffee Trio

Everything on this list comes in under $50, I know this time of year gets expensive and coming up with addition money for extracurricular gifts can be tough. If you aren’t label conscious you could probably even, with a bit of luck and savvy shopping, find versions of these choices for $20 or less.

Near, Far, Wherever they are….

Not exactly the way Celine Dion does it, but you get the idea. Okay, quick side story- We were spending the weekend with my grandfather, I think I was in middle school at the time, and we had all sort of kicked back in the living room to watch TV after dinner. My grandfather was a HUGE remote nazi, but he was trying to find something we could all “enjoy”. So we ended up on this weird holiday music special with all these grammy nominated artists and Celine Dion happened to be doing her song. I can’t even tell you what she was singing or who the artist were, all I remember is my Grandfather listening to the first minute of the song and announcing  “we’ll that girl sings real nice, but someone needs to feed her something quick.” I still laugh every time I think about it. Okay, back to the real post.

I have a lot of holiday DIY’s that I want to share with you guys; and I am always a huge fan of making gifts when you can, but if your family is spread out like mine is, there isn’t an easy inexpensive way to ship your baked goods, homemade jams or carefully constructed crafts. Thank goodness for the internet.  Ez, the mastermind behind the blog Creature Comforts, is doing her 2012 gift guide, and every weekday for the next two weeks she will post a daily guide. Many of these gifts are produced by artisans and independent businesses and can be shipped most anywhere. It’s a great way to come up with something fun and quirky for the people you love, but won’t get to see this holiday season.