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Is It Really a No if They Don’t Say “No”?

Before you all get to worked up, I am just talking about wallpaper here. Beautiful, realistic, floral wallpaper. With images like the ones below popping up all over the internet, I’ve seriously been considering adding a floral accent wall somewhere in my house. My top two space contenders are the front wall in the master bedroom or the back wall of the dining room, both offer large fairly square canvases unbroken by windows or doors. Of course, being the considerate wife that I am I had to run my idea by Andy and force him to look at all of the pretty, pretty inspiration pictures.

Walls 1 Walls 3 Walls 4 Walls 2 Wall 5

He looked at a page or two and then did the guy thing and made an unintelligible grunting sound. After being together for almost six years, I am pretty sure that was Andy speak for “I really hate this idea, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings or get into a fight about future hypothetical wallpaper; besides, you have your own office why can’t do your crazy woman design voodoo in there?”  But since he didn’t actually say any of those words, could I really be blamed for thinking that he meant, “Wow baby, you are so creative and I love your idea, but as a dude, I have to pretend like I don’t like things like floral wallpaper, but you do that thing you do and our house will look AMAZING.” It could totally go both ways, right?

Images from here.

It’s Just Bedding Right?

Andy and I have been married for a little over three years now, and for the most part, we have our life rhythm down. We have a budget and a mortgage, you know the big grown up stuff, but we still occasionally get tripped up on the silly smaller stuff. Our master bed room for instance is still undecorated. We painted when we moved in and purchased some really beautiful bedroom furniture, but for the most part, we’re exactly where we were a week after we closed on the house. This all came up again right around the holidays because we were looking at a house full of people and I wanted to be able to show them our entire house. Long story short, it didn’t happen, but the itch to decorate reignited when I saw these gorgeous bedding sets from the Zara spring collection.

Zara 1 Zara 3 Zara 2 Zara 4 Zara 5

I love them so much. They are colorful and oh so pretty, but not super masculine. Daisies don’t exactly scream “rugged and manly”. So my question to you other married folks out there is this: How do you find that happy middle when you have two very conflicting aesthetics? I know Andy would let me do whatever I wanted if I made a big deal out of it, but I want him to feel at home in our home. First world problems, right?