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Sleeping in Trees

Well, tree houses to be more specific. Right after college, my aunt let me move into her second home, a small house, on stilts, in the middle of the woods. The driveway was impassable when it rained and I had to face my intense fear of spiders daily, but it was one of the best places I’ve ever lived. There were many a Friday where I would turn off my phone, grab take out on the way home and spend the whole weekend basking in the blissful solitude.  Octavian and Stanley loved it too, they would spend all day curled up on the bed in loft, or stretched out on the screened in back porch. When I saw this post featuring this gorgeous tree house retreat, it brought back all those wonderful memories.

treehouse front porch with slide Treehouse photo by Samantha Erin Photography Treehouse photo by Samantha Erin Photography treehouse mascot treehouse front entrance Hammock chair on front porch Treehouse photo by Samantha Erin Photography Treehouse photo by Samantha Erin Photography Treehouse photo by Samantha Erin Photography

Did you see the giant red slide?! One of the coolest things about this particular tree house is that owner Lynne Knolton used reclaimed and upcycled items to build it.

Images from here.

Beautiful Barn

I love this renovated old barn. The stone work, the exposed beams and all of the wonderful light? Heaven. I also really like that the decor, while lovely, is mostly functional. Houses are meant to be lived in, and while I understand the desire to have the perfect showcase home, I’d much rather be able to flop onto the couch without having to worry about ruining something. I really like the coffee table in the living room, I could see Andy and I taking turns sitting on it while the other one pushed the table around the room, I can even hear Andy making the “vroom-vroom” noises. A little immature, but so much fun!

Barn 9 barnhouse2 barnhouse3 barnhouse9 barnhouse4 barnhouse5 barnhouse8 barnhouse7



Images from Honestly…WFT and Elmueble



My house is a mess. For a few weeks it seemed like Andy and I had gotten the cleaning routine down pat, but one lazy weekend and two days into a crazy work week and we’re back to rifling through the “clean” laundry basket for something to wear to work. I know houses don’t magically clean themselves, but my roommate in college was a stress cleaner and I got really spoiled. Obviously, I still had to keep my room cleaned and help out with the dishes, but the floor was always vacuumed and cabinets were always orderly. In all honesty I used to tease her something fierce about all the compulsive cleaning, but I have my own deep dark cleaning compulsion, the bathroom. I hate messy  bathrooms. I even remember scrubbing the the bathroom floor at 3am in my party clothes because we’d had people over and I couldn’t sleep until the bathroom was clean again. Don’t even get me started on public restrooms! Now that that is out of my system, back to the messy house. I’ve been trying to find some organizational tips to help me get our house under control (you know procrastinating instead of actually cleaning). These are a couple of my favorites.

1. Store Sheets in Matching Pillowcase

Home 1

To keep  matching bed linens together, fold the top sheet, bottom sheet and tuck them into the matching pillowcase. This also makes for easier storing and stacking in your linen closet.

2. Spices at your Fingertips

Home 2

This is a trick I picked up a few years back, put your most commonly used spices in magnetic spice tins and keep them on the side of your refrigerator. It frees up cabinet space and you’ll never have to frantically dig through your pantry while cooking dinner again. I use these.

3. Aesthetic Jewelry Storage

Home 3

Glue glass bottles to the bottom of a decorative crate and then mount it on the wall. It’ll be a lovely showcase for bracelets and a convenient way to keep track of them.

4. Taking Storage to New Heights

Home 4

Mount a shelf above your bathroom or closet doors to provide extra storage for rarely used items. Don’t forget to keep a step stool or taller friend handy.

To see more great organizing and storage options click here.

Images from here.

Home again, home again…

Andy and I are officially back in Tallahassee. We ended up having one of those crazy world wind trips that are over before you know it, but still leave you feeling like you’ve been away from home for weeks instead of days. We drove to Ashville on Friday night after work, and spent most of Saturday with my brother. We spent the morning driving and hiking to couple of the more popular waterfalls in the area, and then had a late lunch at the Early Girl Eatery and did some shopping downtown.

Murphy Weekend 5 Murphy Weekend 10 Murphy Weekend 6

There was only a .06 mile hike, via a well maintained and well marked trail, to the falls, so my brother and I didn’t bother to change out of our flip flops. That and our t-shirts earned us a few strange looks from the real hikers that were bundled up against the freezing 65 degree weather, and carrying enough gear to last them a week in the wilderness. Clearly we don’t take our outdoors adventures seriously.Murphy Weekend 9 Murphy Weekend 8 Murphy Weekend 4 Murphy Weekend 7 Murphy Weekend 2 Murphy Weekend 1 Murphy Weekend 3

Unfortunately, I didn’t any other pictures for the rest of the trip, but it was all pretty uninteresting. Multiple trips to Home Depot and Walmart to get painting/cleaning supplies and then lots of painting and wallpaper scrapping. I am looking forward to some serious sleeping in this weekend.

Pehr’s House

I can’t help but wonder what type of parent i’ll be. Three of my close friends a pregnant, one with her second child, and although Andy and I are not quite ready to be parents ourselves I catch myself worrying. The other night we were watching something (I honestly cannot remember what) on TV and they mentioned that you shouldn’t give honey to babies. It completely blew my mind, I substitute honey for sugar in my recipes all the time! There might have been a bit of a freak out with Andy reassuring me that he had been aware of the no honey rule and that children’s services would not take away our fictional child, or any actual future children we might have, because I hadn’t known. Oh yeah, it really was that bad, what can you do?

There are stories that give me hope. A few months ago, I did a beautiful blogger highlight on Artemis, creator of Junkaholique. She had just given birth to her little girl Pehr (pronounce Pear) and over the past few months it has been really interesting to see how she and her husband have been handling first time parenthood. Let’s just say, I hope I am half as good with my future kids. They’ve even built Pehr her very own house!

Pehr's House 1 Pehr's House 6 Pehr's House 7 Pehr's House 8 Pehr's House 2 Pehr's House 4 Pehr's House 5 Pehr's House 3

Owning real estate at the age of 6 months? Quite impressive.

All images from Junkaholique.