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Pehr’s House

I can’t help but wonder what type of parent i’ll be. Three of my close friends a pregnant, one with her second child, and although Andy and I are not quite ready to be parents ourselves I catch myself worrying. The other night we were watching something (I honestly cannot remember what) on TV and they mentioned that you shouldn’t give honey to babies. It completely blew my mind, I substitute honey for sugar in my recipes all the time! There might have been a bit of a freak out with Andy reassuring me that he had been aware of the no honey rule and that children’s services would not take away our fictional child, or any actual future children we might have, because I hadn’t known. Oh yeah, it really was that bad, what can you do?

There are stories that give me hope. A few months ago, I did a beautiful blogger highlight on Artemis, creator of Junkaholique. She had just given birth to her little girl Pehr (pronounce Pear) and over the past few months it has been really interesting to see how she and her husband have been handling first time parenthood. Let’s just say, I hope I am half as good with my future kids. They’ve even built Pehr her very own house!

Pehr's House 1 Pehr's House 6 Pehr's House 7 Pehr's House 8 Pehr's House 2 Pehr's House 4 Pehr's House 5 Pehr's House 3

Owning real estate at the age of 6 months? Quite impressive.

All images from Junkaholique.

Not Just a Pretty Picture…

I am having a tough time staying focused today, every time I sit down to post I end up browsing through my friend’s Pinterest pages or looking at design blogs, making mental notes of things I would like for the house. Not that I have any intention of tackling these projects any time soon. Andy and I are heading to St. Augustine for a long weekend, and to spend some quality time at the annual Poole/Butler family reunion. And try as I might, I just can’t seem to motivate myself to start a big project. Currently at the top of my list, is finding botanical prints for the dining room.  Ideally, I would like to track down several large vintage flower prints, but considering the likelihood of something like that being in good shape, I am waffling between settling for a series of smaller prints, or large reproductions.

Real or reproduction? To frame or not to frame? How many can I hang up before it irritates my husband’s OCD? Oh well, back to browsing.

Images from here.

Thinking About Tub Time

After I graduated from college, my aunt generously offered to let me stay in her house in Havana rent free until I could save up enough money to make whatever my next move was going to be. It was quite literally a quirky little cottage built on stilts in the middle of the woods.  While the open floor plan made the house amazingly cool in the summer, the few weeks of winter were very very VERY cold.  When it was particularly brutal, I would make a huge mug of tea, put my comforter and pj’s in the dryer (which was conveniently located in the bathroom) and take a long hot bubble bath in the giant claw foot tub to warm up.  The kitties would insist on being shut up in the warm bathroom too, and they napped on the bath mat in front of the drier until it was time for bed.  Then we all race to the bed room and snuggle up under the warm comforter.  Stanley across my feet and Octavian behind my knees.

With the end of tax season nearing, I could really use a good long soak with a cup of tea and a good book. But alas, while my new house is very wonderful, the only tub is located in what is currently the cat box room, and even if it wasn’t, it isn’t a very big tub. Someday, when I am making a lot more money, I am going renovate one of the bathrooms and once again have bubble baths and a giant claw foot tub.

Images from here.

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The Waiting Game

I hate waiting for things to happen.   Growing up (well getting older anyway) has tempered that just the tiniest bit, but more than I liked to admit, I operate mostly on instinct and my gut reaction to situations. When I decide I am ready to do something, it is almost agonizing to feel like I’m not making progress.  When it looked like we were about to close on a house a couple of weeks ago I hit homeowner mode hard core.  I was reviewing furniture stores, looking for fixtures, checking out paint combinations, and now we are back to square one.  It’s like I’ve snagged my sweater on the edge of the desk and I can’t seem to pull it free. Fortunately Andy accepts this personality quirk and he’ll patiently sit through whatever crazy internet find I just have to share with him.  Today it’s canopy beds.  I’ve always wanted one, and provided I can find one that isn’t overly girly or complicated Andy has agreed to let me pick out one for the future master bedroom.

These are a pretty good representation of what I am currently leaning towards (yes I did sneak one sort of girly one in there). So for now I am trying to convince myself that all this browsing and dreaming really will pay off once we find a home.  At least I’ll have an idea of what I want….until I see something shiner.

Images from here.

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Run Rudolph Run

With Christmas only six days away, I am feeling like this week is going to be a full on race against the clock to get everything done. Along with the last minute baking, cleaning, wrapping and shopping, we are meeting with the real estate inspector today to do a preliminary inspection of the house Andy and I put a bid on last week(cue girly squee).  If everything goes well, we’ll be meeting with the bank appraiser and insurance inspector in the very near future. I am making list after list, checking them more than twice, and just trying to put one foot in front of the other at this point.

In the spirit of last minute holiday “to do” lists here is some fun ideas to jazz up your holiday packages, and help you fully utilize all the odds and ends we crafters end up with. It even works with those bits and pieces that end up in your junk drawer.

Keep your fingers crossed for Andy and me today, this is one more baby step bringing us closer to a home to call our own.

Images from here.