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Maple Street Biscuit Company

Before heading out to St. Augustine this past weekend, Andy and I decided to try out a new eatery near the university. I’d heard some good things about Maple Street Biscuit Company, and they certainly had wonderful online reviews, but I will admit my ultimate decision to grab breakfast on the way out of town was prompted by my discovery that they offer a vegetarian sausage gravy biscuit.

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I found out after I got there that I had misunderstood the menu a little. They have a biscuit that comes with sausage gravy, and in parentheses the online menu said “vegetarian option available” which I thought meant vegetarian sausage gravy. What they actually have is a mushroom and shallot gravy that has a lot of the same flavors and the same loveable kick. I will say I was the teeniest bit disappointed, but I will absolutely be going back for another round



We went a little overboard with our ordering and ended up with my vegetarian biscuit and gravy (with an over easy egg), the “Farmer Biscuit”, a plain biscuit with a side of apple butter and an iced pecan biscuit. We shared and sampled, but I tapped out way early on, and Andy, being the gallant man he is, offered to take care of the rest of the food for me. All and all a pretty amazing meal; my biggest complaint would be the ladle full of icing dumped over the pecan biscuit. We moved it to a clean plate after letting the excess icing run off the top; great biscuit, but I think from now on we’ll ask for the icing on the side.


Not a bad way to start a long weekend, huh?