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I Don’t Do Camping, but This Seems Like Fun

As the title states, I don’t do camping. I like the great outdoors as much as the next person, provided that I have a way to protect my pasty skin and a way to shower at the end of the day, but camping? Sleeping on the ground, with bugs, in a flimsy tent, peeing in the woods, and going days without showering? Not so much. I was admittedly curious when “glamping” became a thing a few years ago, but most of the options I found still contained the major issues I had with camping so I filed the movement into my “nope” category and got on with my life. Fast forward to a few days ago when I inadvertently stumbled across a post on  Mendocino Grove, a gorgeous “glampground” located conveniently a quarter of a mile from the town of Mendocino. This campground gives you all the perks of being “away from it all” without the irritations of being S.O.L when you forget something.

The tents come in a few different sizes, and all of them have a cute little front porch with chairs made for lounging. No air conditioning, but real beds!The camp ground also offers a light complementary breakfast, and you can use the communal cooking area to make your meals or walk the 1/4 mile into town if you don’t feel like cooking. Each tent has their own designated fire ring, and s’mores supplies are available for purchase. You can also rent a good number of the supplies you’ll need from the campground if you find yourself needing to travel light or are just forgetful.  
Do you see this bathroom?! Sure, sharing it with a bunch of other people wouldn’t be my favorite thing, but it beats the hell out of the woods or a dusky nightmare camp potty any day. They even have fluffy towels!California is a long way away, but if I ever get the chance, I would seriously consider spending a few days here. So much so that I am even looking into glamping options around me to see if I can find something similar to maybe give a try later on this year. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up being a nature girl yet.