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Good Night Moon

When I was in college, my friends and I used to drive just outside the city to an area called the greenway. We always went at night, and we’d spread out quilts on the ground and just lay there talking, sipping hot chocolate and looking at the stars. I remember laying there listening to the breeze ruffling the long grass, feeling the tip of my nose go numb, and literally seeing our words suspended above us as the stars twinkled and the moon hung ripe and full overhead. It’s one of my favorite college memories, and  when I saw these beautiful Luna Lamps, it took me back in time.

Moon 3 Moon 6 Moon 2 Moon 1 Moon 4 Moon 5

Aside from making me nostalgic, I thought these lamps would be really cool for kid’s rooms. Personally, I’d like a larger one for the living room and a small one for the guest bathroom. We have a lot of family and friends who like to come up for mini vacations and it would make navigating around an unfamiliar house in the dark much easier.


All images from here.

Journey of the Private Moon

For a decade artist Leonid Tishkov traveled around the world taking photos with his private moon. The glowing crescent was initially part of an installation he had created to bring to life the work of Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte. After the exhibit closed, Tishkov took his moon out onto the roof of his studio in Moscow and he realized that basking in its glow made him feel not so lonely. From there he began what some refer to as a series, but what he considers to be “a performance art of a lifetime.”

Moon 1

Moon 4 Moon 3 Moon 6 Moon 5 Moon 7 Moon 2

You can find out more about the Private Moon series on the artist blog, and more about his process and journey in this interview.


Images are from here and here.

Pretty Shiny Happy Things for Me!

It’s Friday and I could not be happier. Going to have two whole days off with nothing to do, no where to go and lots of sleeping in. It will be glorious. The weekend even kicked off a bit early with the awesomeness, I got my Catbird charms in the mail last night! Andy told me to order them for myself as a reward for not stabbing anyone with a Bic pen during tax season. I am down right giddy. I did my best to open the package slowly and take some pictures with my phone along the unwrapping process.

Cat Bird 4 Cat Bird 3 Cat Bird 2 Cat Bird 5 Cat Bird 1

I am a sucker for elaborate packaging, I know they do it for everyone, but it still makes me feel special. I ended up getting a silver moon with a “J”(for my name) and a star with an “A”(for Andy’s name), the chain is one I already had, but the over all effect is exactly what I wanted. If Catbird is still selling these charms in a few years Andy suggested buying additional stars for every child we have, but getting them in gold. Plain gold for a boy, and rose gold for a girl. I fully support the giving of gifts to pregnant women, they’re growing a human being inside of them, nothing beats that. “Oh, you went grocery shopping and picked up the dry cleaning? Well, I grew a tiny pair of lungs.” As the ultimate multi-taskers they deserve to get whatever they want, whenever they want it for the full nine months. Just saying.

I want the moon and the stars…

I am mooning (pun intended) over the celestial inspired jewelry at Cat Bird. Tiny stars, shimmering crescents, and twinkling diamonds? What’s a girl to do? My absolute favorite piece is the silver star necklace. I also had the idea of treating it like a more modern take on the Mother’s Ring. You know, the ring that has a corresponding birthstone for each child? The crescent could have the mom’s initial and then a star could be added with the initial of each child. I mean…my biological clock is not ticking at all. And I’m not jealous of the beautiful babies my friends have been having. Excuse me, I think I need to go hug one of my cats now….

Moon Stars 1 Moon Stars 3 Moon Stars 2 Moon Stars 5 Moon Stars 4

All images by Catbird.