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Physalis: Modern Vegan Desserts

I watch a lot of baking shows: Great British Baking Show, Zumbo’s Just Desserts, Sugar Rush, Cupcake Wars… the list goes on and on. I am very much an amateur baker, but there have been times when I have been interested in taking my skills up a notch or two and have consistently ran into some issues with ingredients. I’m not a vegan, but I am pescatarian and many of the more elaborate desserts call for animal byproducts that I don’t feel comfortable using. Two people have changed all that though – vegan master pastry chef Sabina Hambarava and vegan pastry chef Alexey Korotkevich.

Incredible, right? Their creations are completely gorgeous, and I’d love to be able to do half of what they can. Looks like I might have to sign up for a few weeks of classes as soon as things start to calm down. If you’re interested in learning more, here are the links for the Facebook Page and the Website.


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