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Rainy Day


Thunder is shaking the window panes as I type this, we are having what is probably the biggest rainstorm we’ve had all year. The fluffy children are all a little on edge right now, ranging from Octavian who is sleeping on the back of the couch with one eye open and his back to the wall, to Alonzo who has wedged his pudgy little body under the sink in the guest bathroom. It’d be cute if he wasn’t so scared; all you can see is two giant green eyes peering out from the depths. The worst part is Andy and I have to leave them, we both HAVE to be at the office this morning. Although, I’d really love to see the look on my boss’s face if I called in because my cats were scared of the rain. If it weren’t a work day, I’d be indulging in some of my favorite rainy day activities:

  • Sleep – I also like to do this on sunny days, cloudy days, week days and pretty much any other “days”.
  • Drink Tea – as Captain Picard would say, “Earl grey, hot.”
  • Eat something warm and melty – grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese, french onion soup (okay, so in my book “warm & melty” means cheese obviously)
  • Cocoon in a fluffy blanket – Andy and I keep a number of fluffy throws all over the house so this should be easy enough to do, but usually I have to convince one of the cats to share a blanket with me. I could just take it, but that seems mean.
  • Watch the rain – find a window and settle in, with the blanket
  • Read a book

Maybe after work?


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Book Worm

It rained all weekend. It was wonderful. Well, with the exception of being stranded in the craft store for an extra half an hour. I didn’t really mind, but I could see Andy eying the distance between the door in the car.  Finally, it let up enough for us to make a break for it and bonus, it held off long enough for us to get groceries and get them inside before it kicked up again. The rest of the weekend was spent reading and doing some minor house cleaning. The only thing that would have made it better was weather cool enough to necessitate a hot mug of tea.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 6

I want it to be Autumn so badly, but  Florida is the sunshine state and we’ll be lucky if things have cooled off by the end of October. So for now I’ll just have to settle for iced tea and the breeze created by the AC.

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The time has come…

To invest in a pair of rain boots. It has rained more this summer than in all of my other summers here in Tallahassee COMBINED! Okay I have no idea if that is true or not, but it certainly feels that way, I’ve had to water my garden maybe…twice in…the last three weeks, if that much.  The final straw came when I was running across the parking lot, without my umbrella, again, and I lost my shoes. Ran right out of them. I quickly back tracked, reclaimed my footwear and continued my undignified sprint to the office muttering, “please don’t let me step on anything sharp, please don’t let me step on anything sharp.” I’m guessing the big guy upstairs had already had his fill of laughs this morning because I made it to the office significantly soggier, but unscathed. I think it is most definitely time for some rain boots.

Now I could just run down to Walmart and probably find a functional if un-asthetically appealing pair of boots for about $10, but the shopaholic and overall lover of pretty things in me is suggesting ordering a pair online or seeing if I can find something a little “cuter”. Are there perhaps “glittery” rain boots….

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I’d Rather be Puddle Stomping

For those of you who don’t know, the Sunshine State hasn’t been to sunny the last few days. With the rain alternating between deluge and steady, we’re all picking up the hem of our pants/skirts and delicately tiptoeing through the puddles we can jump over.  While I love the rain, I must admit I find the current situation a little frustrating.  Rainy days are supposed to be spent snuggled up in the house with tea and a good book, not going to the office and trying to run errands without getting soaked.  If you’re going to have to get wet on a rainy day it should be from stomping around in puddles in your bare feet or a snazzy pair of rain boots.

Barefoot puddle stomping in Tallahassee isn’t the best idea. Although, when the hurricanes came through in 2004 I had to wade half way across the FSU campus, through knee deep water, flip flops in hand (because they kept coming off), to get to my last class of the day. A class that ended up being canceled because the professor got to campus, saw how flooded the side walks were and called the TA from his car to say he didn’t feel like getting wet. Needless to say all 150 of us were a little upset that we had to turn around and go back into the torrential downpour.

On the bright side, my office does have a window and I do have a delicious mug of coffee. Bank Recs aren’t even close to being a good book, but you make the best with what you’ve got.

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