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Fun Find: Natural Life

As I mentioned on Friday, a friend and I made a day trip across the top of the state to Jacksonville. It was a great trip: we listened to music, ate too much food, and did a little shopping (but not too much). All that and the weather was gorgeous, clear, and sunny with a nice strong breeze the kept things from feeling humid or stagnant… which was extra nice considering we were walking around an outdoor mall. Since we’d been to this particular location before, we had a hit list of all of the places we knew we wanted to go, and since we accomplished that pretty early on, we decided to meander and check out some of the shops we hadn’t made it to before. One of those shops was Natural Life.

Nature1 Nature2
Now I am not a complete hippy, but I do love a good boho theme and this place had it in spades.
Since it was my first trip, I didn’t go too crazy. I found a shirt that I absolutely adored, and I indulged in one of their Mystery Bags.
Nature4 Nature8
I saw the shirt in the window, and it was actually the thing that pulled me into the store. Fortunately, they had plenty of them in stock and easily found one in my size. * I have a thing about stores who are out of the items in their window display.
The grab bag yielded some cool stuff: a head band, some funky chip clips, a framed quote, and a magnetic post card. The second post card in the photo I got for taking a picture of the store and posting it on Instagram. For doing so, you get to pick something from the store’s treasure chest, which was a literal carved and painted wooden chest full of pretty little things. This place is now officially one of my favorite stores, and I am already trying to find an excuse to go back.

I have a small shoe problem

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved shoes. It started with glass slippers (jelly shoes) and ballet dance shoes, and I’ve never gotten over them. Even when I went through my “I hate my body; I’ll only wear baggy clothes” adolescent phase, I still adored cute footwear, if anything probably a bit more because most days they were the only thing I put on that made me feel pretty.  Now that I am an adult, maturity-wise a bit debatable, but the math lines up, I have cultivate quite a collection of shoes. I even have to seperate storage locations. A huge storage cube in the front hall for the every day flats and sandals (Andy uses this area, too) and a rack in my walk in for the “special occasion” or more expensive pairs. As you might have guessed, I am never not in the market for a cute pair at the right price. Enter the deal on Goby shoes on Zulily.com this week. Artsy, funky, and all sorts of quirky. I could do some massive damage to my bank account if I wasn’t careful.

Goby 4 Goby 1 Goby 6 Goby 3 Goby 8 Goby 5 Goby 9 Goby 2 Goby 7

Since I can’t be trusted to be completely rational when it comes to shoes, Andy and I have come up with a pretty good trick to make sure that I really, REALLY, truly want what I am buying. If I find something I like, I have to walk away for at least 24 hours and, if I remember that I want them or if I want them badly enough to go back for them, then we consider making the investment. Not 100% fool proof, but it has cut down seriously on my impulse buying and has the added benefit of helping me work towards having a wardrobe vs. having stacks of random shoes and garments that don’t work together.


All images from Zulily.

Friday Link Love: My Etsy Obssesion

Merry Friday everyone! Man, having to work a three day week was brutal! Okay, not really, but I was decidedly not ready to be done with my vacation leave. However, with the new year comes a new tax season and I will more than likely find myself chained to my desk until after April 15th. The upside is, since I didn’t take all of my vacation time last year, theoretically I should be able to take a few additional days off between various deadlines this year. Which works out wonderfully since my mother and stepfather are closing on their retirement house in North Carolina today and i’ve already been enlisted help cart boxes when they make the big move in May (this will be my Mom’s last tax season!). For those of you who don’t know, my mom and I both work for CPA’s. Different companies, different parts of the state, but the same seasonal insanity.

Witch Goose

An unfortunate side effect to the elevated stress levels at the office, I tend to do a little online retail therapy to take edge off. Well within the family budget, but still more than I probably should. And that is where Etsy comes in. For you own browsing pleasure here are some of my favorite shops:




Sugar Robot, Inc.


Eternal Elements Shop

Zen Threads


Photo from Witchgoose.




The time has come…

To invest in a pair of rain boots. It has rained more this summer than in all of my other summers here in Tallahassee COMBINED! Okay I have no idea if that is true or not, but it certainly feels that way, I’ve had to water my garden maybe…twice in…the last three weeks, if that much.  The final straw came when I was running across the parking lot, without my umbrella, again, and I lost my shoes. Ran right out of them. I quickly back tracked, reclaimed my footwear and continued my undignified sprint to the office muttering, “please don’t let me step on anything sharp, please don’t let me step on anything sharp.” I’m guessing the big guy upstairs had already had his fill of laughs this morning because I made it to the office significantly soggier, but unscathed. I think it is most definitely time for some rain boots.

Now I could just run down to Walmart and probably find a functional if un-asthetically appealing pair of boots for about $10, but the shopaholic and overall lover of pretty things in me is suggesting ordering a pair online or seeing if I can find something a little “cuter”. Are there perhaps “glittery” rain boots….

Images from here.

It’s been such a long time…

Since i’ve posted anything! Unacceptable I know, and believe me I have excuses, but instead of getting into all of that, here is what i’ve been up to:

The biggest event was my mom coming into town for the long weekend.  I whipped up a delicious (if I do say so myself) triple chocolate cake with black cherry filling and dark chocolate frosting. Andy and I even broke the diet and split a piece…or two. We sent the rest of the cake home with her for the sake of our waistlines.

Mom and I spent most of Saturday gallivanting around Tallahassee getting our nails done, looking for bargains, and doing a little early Christmas shopping.  Andy was very sweet and squired us around town, and took us to lunch at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.  Mom really seemed to enjoy it although she couldn’t be persuaded to try any of the tapioca pearls in the bottom of our bubble tea. She just gave me the mommy look and said, “I don’t think so.”

Sunday, we went out to the wedding site and drove around some of the neighborhoods Andy and I have been looking at houses in.  I think my mom had a great time seeing the places that might be part of our future.  Although, I think her favorite part was the frozen yogurt place.  After some initial difficulties choosing a base flavor, the winner was chocolate, mom jumped right into layering toppings like a pro. There was hot fudge, marshmallows, chocolate fudge pieces, maraschino cherries and coconut.  Andy and I felt a little boring with our fruit and granola.

Unfortunately, it all went by to fast, and before I knew it we were eating breakfast on Monday morning and packing up the Scion so mom could get on the road.  The apartment felt so empty last night.  And the kitties are so sad, there is nobody to sneak them cream in the morning or pieces of chicken from the dinner table.

Images from Saipua.