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It’s been such a long time…

Since i’ve posted anything! Unacceptable I know, and believe me I have excuses, but instead of getting into all of that, here is what i’ve been up to:

The biggest event was my mom coming into town for the long weekend.  I whipped up a delicious (if I do say so myself) triple chocolate cake with black cherry filling and dark chocolate frosting. Andy and I even broke the diet and split a piece…or two. We sent the rest of the cake home with her for the sake of our waistlines.

Mom and I spent most of Saturday gallivanting around Tallahassee getting our nails done, looking for bargains, and doing a little early Christmas shopping.  Andy was very sweet and squired us around town, and took us to lunch at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.  Mom really seemed to enjoy it although she couldn’t be persuaded to try any of the tapioca pearls in the bottom of our bubble tea. She just gave me the mommy look and said, “I don’t think so.”

Sunday, we went out to the wedding site and drove around some of the neighborhoods Andy and I have been looking at houses in.  I think my mom had a great time seeing the places that might be part of our future.  Although, I think her favorite part was the frozen yogurt place.  After some initial difficulties choosing a base flavor, the winner was chocolate, mom jumped right into layering toppings like a pro. There was hot fudge, marshmallows, chocolate fudge pieces, maraschino cherries and coconut.  Andy and I felt a little boring with our fruit and granola.

Unfortunately, it all went by to fast, and before I knew it we were eating breakfast on Monday morning and packing up the Scion so mom could get on the road.  The apartment felt so empty last night.  And the kitties are so sad, there is nobody to sneak them cream in the morning or pieces of chicken from the dinner table.

Images from Saipua.