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A Modern Twist on a Classic Favorite

As a kid, you quickly learn that most things are better with sprinkles: cookies, ice cream, and, of course, cupcakes. In the last year I’ve been paying more and more attention to how my bakes look as well as taste, and while I am still unwilling to compromise taste for style, I am very big on getting the most bang for your buck. To be honest, I hadn’t given sprinkles a fair shake. I assumed that the only things available were the same things I had grown up with. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Fancy Sprinkles for the Modern Baker . What the what? Turns out all those crazy shape and color combos I’ve been impressed with on Instagram are available in easy color coordinate containers and bento boxes.

I am also a fan of the names of their combos; “Call Me Maybe” and “Purple Pony Party” are two of my favorites. I must admit I’m not quite to the place where I would subscribe to their monthly bento box, but there are a few projects that I have planned that would benefit greatly from some sprinkled embellishments.

Tiny Doughnut Sprinkles

No, not tiny sprinkles for doughnuts, these are tiny doughnut shaped sprinkles! Inspired by these Cheerios into donuts tutorials on Pinterest, Studio DIY decided to make these adorable minis and use them as cake toppers. I can’t help but think how cute they would be on cupcakes or, even better, mini cupcakes! Since doughnuts are involved does this mean it’s okay to eat these cakes or cupcakes for breakfast?

Donut Sprinkles

How to Make Donut Sprinkles

Donut Sprinkles How To

Cheerios or Cheerio-like Cereal (I used Trader Joe’s O’s!)
Chocolate and/or Candy Melts (For the “frosting”)
Sprinkles (The tiniest nonpareils you can find are best!)

Melt your chocolate in the microwave, stirring at 30 second intervals until melted and smooth. There’s really two ways you can decorate up these donuts. A speedier way to get these guys frosted is to lightly dip the top of each cheerio into the chocolate. You might need to use a toothpick to re-poke the hole in the center. The other way, if you want to really control how the frosting looks, is to dip the end of a toothpick in some chocolate and “paint” it on the top of the doughnut. No matter how you frost it, right after you do so, sprinkle on a few sprinkles by hand. I recommend not overloading them with sprinkles if you want to keep them donut-y, since they are so small!

Tiny Donut! How To Make Donut Sprinkles

BAM! When I look at that picture below, I kinda think about how fun it would be to surprise your kiddos with a special doughnut treat on top of their cereal! Hehe!

Donut Sprinkles

Top your cake, cupcakes or other sugary sweet with these and you’re good to go!

Donut Sprinkles

Turn Cheerios into Donut Sprinkles


All Photos by Studio DIY, Find the original post here.