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Weekend Recap

Alas, this weekend was not a three day weekend for me, but I did get to spend plenty of time with some of my favorite people, so it was still a pretty great weekend. Since we only had Ben and Karen here for two days, the bulk of our time was spent hanging out and visiting with my other brother in law and his wife at their place. We did manage to make it out for brunch both days and take a walk around Cascades Park located downtown.

Saturday morning we went to one of my all time favorite local spots, a vegan place called Sweet Pea Cafe. They had my favorite green tea sugar cookies and my new favorite cookie, red bean filled green tea sugar cookies. I wanted to get a few extra to go, but they were sold out. We actually made it up and out of the house pretty early on Sunday, so after grabbing breakfast at Canopy Road Cafe (another local favorite), we made our way to Cascade. The early hour meant we had the place pretty much to ourselves.   Cascade has a cool kids area, so Karen and I spent some time squishing around barefoot in the sand. The boys decided to keep their shoes on, but they did join in when it came to playing with the old school water pump and jumping around on the play logs.  Since the park is located downtown, one side runs up against the railroad tracks. We did get to see an empty freight train later on in our visit, but I forgot to take a picture, distracted by the elaborate tags is boasted. It may be illegal, but I think graffiti artists are doing them a favor by sprucing up the old cars.  Even though we’d already had breakfast we decided to stop in at The Edison for a drink (and key lime pie). The restaurant is housed in an old building that used to be owned by the electric company, and the owners have given a playful nod to its origins when it comes to decor.
Like I said, it was a really great weekend and far too short. Hopefully we’ll all be seeing each other in Chicago later this year. It’ll be my first trip to the Windy City, and there is already a mile long list of all the places I want to see.

Something New

I moved to Tallahassee in the fall of 2004, and I’ve been here ever since. 12 years. The first five of those were spent in close orbit to FSU where I was a student, and after graduation, I discovered that there was so much more to this town than I ever imagine. The last few years I have been actively trying to get to know my city. One of the things that Tallahassee is really good at is festivals; we have them all year and for a variety of reasons. This year I decided to participate in one of the festivals sponsored by a local vendor Bradley’s Country Store. Which is actually across the street from Bradley’s Pond where Andy and I got married. a5 a1 Bradley’s Country store is known best for their locally made sausage; they not only sell them at their shop (pictured above), but they are featured on many local restaurant menus and in the freezer cases at local specialty stores. As you might imagine, that doesn’t hold much interest for me (pescatarian), but they do also have awesome grits and tasty sauces 😉a11 a10 I honestly wasn’t prepared for how big this thing was. I thought there’d be a few craft booths, some stuff for the kids and a booth for snacks, but man, was I wrong. Crafts, face painters, petting zoos, rock walls, giant blow up slides, and booths selling every fried food imaginable just to name a few of the attractions. We had to park on the far side on one of their fields and walk in; it was crazy.a4 I almost bought one of these hanging pitcher plants. They are carnivorous and actually eat bugs, which while useful is also a little creepy, so I left them to the other festival goers. But don’t feel bad for them, they were selling almost as fast as the vendor could hang them up.a2One of the other things I loved was all of the dogs people were walking around with. I made a few new friends and got to lavish ear scratches on some truly adorable fur babies. a3 I thought this old guy looked like the Bandersnatch from Alice in Wonderland. He’s taking a breather in this shot, but he was having a blast digging around in the gravel and snapping at crinkly leaves.a7 a6 Oh yeah, and there was a stage where local country bands and clogging groups preformed and a horse that was working a sugar cane juicer. It was very much like the down town festivals they had in Lake Wales where I grew up. I was feeling my southern roots quite strongly by the end of the day.a9 a8All in all, it was a fun experience. It was cool to see yet another piece of Tallahassee culture and learn more about this place I call home. I do think I will have to invest in an additional plaid shirt if I plan on going back next year, or maybe a pair of cowboy boots. You know, to keep things authentic.

Weekend Recap

Well, it was quite a busy weekend. My friend Stefanie was in town, and since she needed to promote her kids yoga teacher training coming up (you can register here *wink wink*), we decided to hit up some of the different Saturday morning markets that take place in town every weekend.

w9 w8 w12Amidst all my friend-supporting, I discovered this delightful stall: 221B Baker’s Treat. Their mystery-themed goods include Sherlock Scones, Dr. Watson’s Brownies, and Ms. Hudson’s Cookies. Even better, they have both vegan and gluten free treats. We chatted up the baker and her husband and discovered that along with themed offerings, the baked goods use locally sourced ingredients, and the flavors are dictated by seasonal offerings.  I am planning on dragging Andy back to stock up on more scones the next chance I get.w11 w10 w7 After the downtown market, we hit the Market Square farmers market; it’s much smaller so it was more of an in and out kind of thing. Probably not a bad thing, considering I noticed some flowering plants that would look great in my front yard…w6 w5 We took a break and grabbed brunch at Sweet Pea Cafe. So much amazing vegan food, so little time. They even had the Green Tea Sugar cookies that I love; I bought two to take home for later. It was so good we even went back on Sunday before she had to head home.w4 w2 w3 We did another round of flyer hand-outs around Lake Ella and then met up with our friend Lexy, grabbed ice cream, and spent the next couple of hours catching up and thoroughly enjoying our girl time. Unfortunately the sundae below was not mine, mine was considerably less picturesque, but equally delicious. w1 w14 w13Sunday was mostly dedicated to Andy and I running errands, but we did manage to grab brunch (at the aforementioned Sweet Pea Cafe) with Stefanie and my adorable corgi niece Ruby. She loves me quite a bit, but the last time she was in town Andy gave her ear scratches and brushed her for THREE HOURS while we watched movies. Needless to say, I have been replaced as her favorite human who isn’t her mom 🙂

Sunday Brunch: The Edison

Continuing with my new need for brunch exploration, we tried out a local favorite The Edison Restaurant. The Edison is housed in what once was The City Electric Building which was built in 1921 to help meet the demand for electricity in the rapidly growing city. It is also located near the edge of Cascades Park, so outdoor diners have the added benefit of a lovely view of the park.

Ed8 Ed6 Ed1
Immediately, I fell in love with the decor: preserved brick, innovative fixtures, and lots and lots of light. Plus, the booth we sat in was super plush and comfy. Ed13 Ed12 Ed11

I kicked off brunch with a Rose Water Lemonade, and after some consideration, my dining companions both decided to go with the Steak and Eggs while I went for the Crepes Suzette and a side of the Blacked Homefries.

Ed9 Ed3 Ed2 Ed5
The crepes were okay, the sauce was pretty boozy, and since I don’t drink, I found it a wee bit off putting. The others were over the moon about their Steak and Eggs though, lending largely to the spicy cheese sauce drizzled over the egg and cheese portion of their plates. They were right; it was so good. I even traded Andy the rest of my crepes and homefries for some of his potatoes (you know once the icky steak part was gone :P).Ed4 Ed7

All and all, we had a great time, and we are thinking about having Andy’s birthday dinner there later this year. If brunch is that good, I am excited to see what they can do with dinner.

Color Run 2015

Things kicked off bright and early this weekend. Saturday, my friend Jenn and I participated in the 2015 Color Run. It was my first 5k (something that didn’t occur to me until after the event) and my first color run. I decided that this was the year to do it when I learned that not only was this year’s run a color run, it was part of the Shine tour – we ended up covered in glitter. I think I actually signed up the day I heard about it.

CR15 CR13 CR12 CR14

The party actually started a good hour before we all lined up at the starting line. Along with last minute registration and vendor booths, the company had set up a huge stage in the middle of the green, and one of the local Zumba instructors led everyone in a dance party/round of pre-race stretches. I may not be the worlds best dancer, but I tried to make up what I lacked in skill with enthusiasm.

CR16 CR11

Ah yes, looking out over a sea of pristine white shirts. This lasted about 5 minutes into the run and then the color started flying.

CR6 CR7 CR8 CR9 CR10

The last color station where they hit you with an epic crap ton of shimmer powder. I ended up sneezing glitter from the cloud of it hanging around the finish line.

CR1 CR3 CR4 CR2 CR5 Since we didn’t have nearly enough color (haha), we joined the post race dance party and danced through another 3 waves of color before calling it a day and heading to the booth where they helped you de-color a bit with the aid of two giant leaf blowers.

CR18 CR17CR19  CR20

In the spirit of full disclosure, I didn’t actually run this 5k (it was more of an aggressive walk), but it was still a blast, and I am definitely considering participating again next year. Except next time, I think there will have to be a tutu and fairy wings. Just for funsies.