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I’ve been thinking about getting a cattoo…

As you are all well aware, I am completely at peace with my crazy cat lady-ism. Heck, 99% of the time I embrace it wholeheartedly. I love my fur babies, and I have a ridiculous amount of photos to back it up. Which brings me to today: after Charlie died last year, I wanted to get a memorial tattoo, and after 4 (oh yeah, it was 4) failed attempts at getting an appointment with the two artists I was interested in getting work from, I decided to shelve the idea. In hind sight, it wasn’t a bad thing considering I’ve since decided against my previously chosen artwork. Now I am going to wait until I find exactly what I want. However, the itch to get a new tattoo is still there. I’ve been considering getting one of the other tattoos I’ve been wanting, and the top contender is something to take my crazy cat lady status up a notch. I want to get a cattoo.

Cat 6Cat 2Cat !Cat 7Cat 5Cat 3Cat 8

All of my current tattoos are fairly large and extremely colorful, but for my cat tattoo, I am finding myself drawn to more simplistic black and grey images. I really wish finger/hand tattoos had a better shelf life because a tiny cat on the inside of my right ring finger would be completely awesome, but if I am going to go through the pain, I want it to last.

Images from Bored Panda.

I’m Getting That Feeling Again

The feeling that I want another tattoo. I hasn’t been quite two years since my last one, so a little more waiting is probably in order, but I’ve got the itch. Considering the blank patches of skin on what I deem to be my tattoo-able areas, looking through board after board of ink on Pinterest. My mother is probably reading this and rolling her eyes, but don’t worry yet Mom! I don’t even have a design in mind yet.

Tattoo 1

Tattoo 2


Tattoo 4

Tattoo 5

Tattoo 6

Tattoo 7

Tattoo 8

Tattoo 9

95% sure it will be something with lots of color, maybe poppies. I’ve always thought that they make gorgeous tattoos.

Images from here.


Burrowing Home

Sunday night was one of those perfect low key evenings. Andy had his new video game extension pack to play, so I got to hang out on the couch and read/click around Etsy all evening without feeling like I was ignoring my husband. Which may sound a bit boring, but with left over pizza and some vegan carrot cake, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. My Etsy browsing turned up this sweet little shop called Burrowing Home.

Burrowing Home 1 Burrowing Home 4 Burrowing Home1 Burrowing Home 2 Burrowing Home 3 Burrowing Home 5

I have to admit it was the temporary tattoos that drew me in, I wouldn’t mind getting a bunny tattoo one day…

All images are from Burrowing Home.

Long Weekend and a Familiar Itch

I can’t decide if this glorious long weekend has been productive or not.  I was going to post about finding a place in town that sells authentic french macaroons, but I left  them in the hot car and while they tasted fine…..not a single cookie was worth taking photos of.  So I was going to take pictures of brunch with friends instead, then I just didn’t.  My to-do list hasn’t gotten any shorter, but I did pull some boxes out of the garage and sorted/put away the contents.  Meh, we’ll go with productive.

Back to brunch on Sunday, I got to spend time with some of my favorite college friends. Some were back only for the game, but two of my guy friends are back at FSU for the next bit, working on additional degrees. We talked about the crazy things that happened in college, how we were to old for some of the shenanigans now and of course tattoos. I know I said I didn’t think I’d want another tattoo for a while, but once we all started talking about the pieces we’ve had done recently and pieces we might want in the future, I started to feel that itch again.  Now I am back on Pinterest flipping through files and making notes.

Click, re-pin, click, re-pin….here we go again!

Images from here.