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Spreading You Wings: Shovava

One of the things that I think is important to know about me is that while I may be pushing 30, I am still very much in touch with my inner child. She is loud, opinionated, and, boy, does she like pretty things. Right now she is doing her best to convince me that it is absolutely imperative that we own one of the beautiful scarves from the Etsy shop Shovava. It’s becoming a problem because I know she isn’t going to be happy with just one.

Shovava 8 Shovava 9 Shovava 5 Shovava 4 Shovava 10 Shovava 2Shovava 11 Shovava 3 Shovava 6 Shovava 7 Shovava 12

Flowers, feathers, birds, so intricate and ethereal. I follow their Instagram, and I love, love, LOVE seeing their photo stories. If I don’t have one by December, it’ll probably be somewhere at the tippy top of my Christmas list.


All images are from the Shovava Instagram page.

Men with Flowers in Their Beards

This is one of my absolute favorite internet trends. Manly bearded men looking oh so pretty with flora and fauna spouting from their face whiskers.

Beard 7 Beard 3 Beard 8 Beard 2 Beard 1 Beard 5 Beard 6 Beard 4 Beard 9 Beard 10

Yep, that last one is Andy. As you can tell he was super happy about me putting flowers in his beard. I had a whole shoot planned, but between the flowers falling out of his beard and Andy insisting on looking at the camera like I was trying to kill him….yeah, I just used my cell phone to snap a quick photo. Evidently, some men just don’t want to be pretty.


Images from Bored Panda.

Sweet Surprise…

Last night, Andy and I were doing our usual post dinner activity, watching TV while working on our laptops, and Andy showed me a feature on this Sugar Skull Spoon Kickstarter and mentioned that it seemed like something I’d like. I agreed, said it was pretty cool and I wouldn’t mind having one. Next thing I know, I got a forwarded email from Andy letting me know that my Sugar Skull Spoon had been ordered and would ship in the next few days. BEST HUSBAND EVER!

SSS 1 SSS 2 SSS 3 SSS 5 SSS 43

If you’re interested in a spoon of your very own they’re available at Hundred Million.


Images from here.


Cat Lady

You guys know how ridiculous I am when it comes to my cats. Heck I referred to them more as my “fur babies” than I do my “cats”. But to truly deserve the title, I feel like I need to find a piece of clothing that proudly proclaims my cat lady-ism. I think these cat shirts from RCTees might be a good way to start.

Cat Shirt 3

Cat Shirt 1

Cat Shirt 4

Cat Shirt 2

Cat Shirt 5

Pair one of these with the rhinestone cat ears I made, and casual Friday at my office may never be the same.

Currently Loving…

These flower and herb arrangements by Cupcakes & Cashmere. I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning the last couple of days, and I’ve been thinking that our house needs a little more green. Plants, flower arrangements, terrariums…you get the idea. These herb infused arrangements are such a great idea, and since kitchen herbs are one of the few things I do really well with growing I would only have to buy the flowers.

    “I always have fresh flowers around the house, mainly for aesthetic purposes, but also love the added aroma they can bring to a room. Especially in areas that wouldn’t typically house florals, like the bathroom or kitchen, I like to have petite arrangements that really pack a punch. Lately I’ve been sticking to small, one-flower arrangements, but adding in a herbs for a nice contrast and invigorating scent. “

I might not be able to do the mint infusion. I usually use the fresh mint in lemonade or tea and I think Andy would be sad seeing whole sprigs slowly wilting away with nary a cold beverage in sight.

All images by Cupcakes & Cashmere.