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Happy Belated New Year!

Although this greeting should have gone out a day ago, I maintain that it is still the new year and the sentiment is still valid.  Now is the time for resolutions and reflections, measuring where we were with where we are and seeing how far we have to go until we’re where we want to be. Last year was HUGE for me; I started this blog, got married, grew my hair out, bought oh so many shoes, and adopted another cat.

This photo by Tim Walker is my inspiration for the new year.  I look at it and see a reminder to look at things for what the could be, rather than what they are, to embrace my imagination, and to not be afraid of being a little childish or foolish at times. Usually life is much more interesting when you bend the rules just a little, or when you look at them more as guidelines. Here’s to a shiny new year, ripe with possibility and adventure…and naps, we mustn’t forget naps!