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Valentine Printables

Alright everyone, we’re in the final stretch. I know some of you haven’t gotten around to picking up a little something for that someone special, and to make sure you have something for your valentine, here are some FREE printables. You know, that you can print tomorrow, from your work computer, at a quarter til five and still have time to throw elbows at the grocery store to pick up a bottle of wine and box of candy or whatever, on the way home. Don’t be ashamed.We’ve all done it, and I’ve got your back.

Printable 6 Printable 4
Printable 1 Printable  3     Printable  2Printable  5

Click the photos to get the links offering the printables, all images and goods pictured here are from the aforementioned links. Enjoy!

Valentine Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day only two days away, it seems like have the inhabitants of Tallahassee are scrambling to make last minute plans. I made the mistake of going to Target after work yesterday and the whole back corner of the store was insane, people grabbing candy and themed gifts while 2 sales associates were desperately trying to restock the shelves. I don’t even want to think what things are going to be like on Wednesday and Thursday. Since I figured some of you might be experiencing some of the last minute planning anxiety, I wanted to share some non-restaurant “date” or “singles only” night options. True story: My worst hangover ever was after a “singles only” Valentine’s Day party. I still can’t look at vodka, or any chocolate laced cocktails without getting a little queasy.

Vday plans 1

Make a Fort- it might sound a little childish, but I made one with Andy a few months ago and it was awesome. We even ate dinner inside it.

vday plans 3

Go on a picnic – pack up your favorite wine and some special treats and have a romantic dinner at your favorite park. Or in your living room, or bedroom, or in your fort.

vday plans 2

Movie Night – Pop some popcorn or order a pizza and watch your favorite movies. And don’t just go for the romantic comedy, your significant other should be allowed to weigh in on the movie choice. If you build your fort in the living room, you can watch your movie from the fort. Or on a laptop inside of the fort.

Did I mention I liked the idea of building a Valentine’s Day fort?

But you guys get the idea. There are plenty of ways to celebrate that don’t require reservations or elbowing past the flock of mom’s buying cards for their kids to take to class or the guys desperately trying to remember their girlfriend’s/wife’s favorite kind of candy.

Images from here & here.