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Ladies I am Loving

One of the best things about social media being so prevalent these days is that it provides an inexpensive platform for artists. People who, in the past, would be stuck trying to utilize local and regional shows can now share their vision with the entire world with a click of a button. Likewise, those of us who are art enthusiasts can find inspiring images with a quick search and a few key phrases. The place where I find most of my inspiration these days is Instagram. While I may not be the best about posting on my own page, I check in multiple times a day to see what the people I follow are doing. One of the things I’ve found myself gravitating towards lately is female artists that support diversity and positivity with just a splash of fantasy (I can’t resist!), and unsurprisingly I’ve found a lot of incredible artists that are out there kicking ass, but today I wanted to share my current top three with you guys.

Lana Jay  – Cats, magic and unshaved legs? These images inspire you to be your best self and to find your own personal brand of beautiful.  

Vicki Sigh – With personifications of desserts, a whole month of mermaids, and a liberal sprinkling of felines, every time I scroll through this feed I put on some body glitter and meet a friend at the patisserie down the road. 

Sibylline Meynet – With the dreamy diffused colors of these pieces, I feel like I am looking at old photographs of a summer trip that I took with friends years ago. I always end up feeling wistful and wanting to make travel plans. 

Incredible, right? What are your favorite Instagram artists?