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Disney Springs: Cherry Tree Lane

Even though this trip was slated as a Universal/Islands of Adventure vacation, we still managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Disney Springs after checking into our hotel on Thursday evening. In the last few years, Disney Springs has undergone a huge transformation, leaving only the vaguest traces of its less glamorous former self aka Downtown Disney. I’ve had the opportunity to visit a few times in the last two years, and it just keeps getting better. One of the newest additions to the Disney Co Op stores is a charming little vintage inspired boutique called The Dress Shop on Cherry Tree Lane. I had seen a few articles about its opening, and blogger Penny of The Sconnie Sling lamented the fact that it opened mere days after she left Orlando. It was at the top of my hit list for our very brief visit.

My husband was so lucky we weren’t Magic Kingdom bound on this particular trip. Otherwise, there would have been a serious dent put in our credit card. This place is the most fun a grown up Disney princess wanna-be can have since we aren’t eligible to be styled at the Bippity Boppity Boutique (yes, I checked). This fascinator  was my absolute favorite thing in the shop (closely followed by the white rabbit bag with fluffy tail), and, were it not for my unfortunately fine tresses, it would have been mine.   My degree is in apparel design, and I thought it was a nice touch to have pieces of the inspiration boards for each “collection” framed for everyone to see. Also, as you can see to the right of the “Minnie” dress, the shop also carries crinolines for anyone who wants to amp up their look just a bit more. 

The other thing that I LOVED, that’s right all caps, LOVED was that all the dresses I saw had sizes that accommodated more full figured ladies like yours truly. I am about a 16/18, and I saw options that would easily work for  ladies who need 22/24.  Trust me, there is nothing worse than wanting in on the game of dress up only to be told you can’t play because you’re not a standard size. On my next Disney vacation, you better believe I will be hitting up this spot for a park perfect ensemble.

Closet Visit

Many many moons ago, I posted a video from a site Closet Visit. Closet Visit is just that, a photography project that gives readers a sneak peak into the closets of creative young women. Some people get a kick out of riffling through other people’s medicine cabinets (for shame, for shame), but I love getting a peek at the contents of their closets. Don’t worry, I always ask permission first; especially since you can’t really pretend to be looking for aspirin in someones shoe tree. One of my favorite Closet Visits was that of Actress and Blogger Shiva Rose. First of all, the name alone is awesome enough to give me a bit of a girl crush, but then I saw the vintage.Closet Visit 1

Closet Visit 2 Closet Visit 4 Closet Visit 3 Closet Visit 6 Closet Visit 5 Closet Visit 8 Closet Visit 7 Closet Visit 9 Closet Visit 12 Closet Visit 11 Closet Visit 10 Closet Visit 13

A fantastic collection of carefully curated pieces, and the jewelry box reminds of sitting on the floor with my mom, going through my grandmother’s jewelry box. Trying on bracelets, necklaces and sparkly clip-on earrings. Feeling oh so sophisticated and glamorous, in a way that can only be managed by those under the age of five.

All images from Closet Visit.