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Dream Weavers

This feature from How to Spend It entitled Dream Weavers is perfection. It is glaring bright and oppressively hot here right now, and the idea of napping safely surrounded by the dark cool water sounds wonderful, you know, if I wouldn’t drown and all.

Under 1 Under 3 Under 2 Under 5 Under 4

I really miss having access to a pool. Sunburns and damaged hair color aside, I used to spend quite a bit of time, almost daily, in the water during the warmer months.

You can find the “making of” video here.

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Here in Florida we have now reached the sticky hot portion of the summer.  The humidity is ridiculously high and everything seems so plodding and sleepy. Being outside feels like wading through water and within minutes everything form your hair to your car seat seems to stick to you. When ever I think back on this time of year the memories are hazy and the colors are unnaturally bright and super saturated. Amp up the colors another notch and it would look very similar to this gorgeous editorial from Fine Taste Magazine.

The inspiration for this post came largely from the Knock Out roses I have blooming in my back yard. I didn’t realize when I purchased them, but they are grown all over Tallahassee. The vibrant fuchsia blooms only last a day or two in this heat, but something about them just screams summer to me. Now it’s time for a tall glass of lemonade and a quiet moment or two to gaze out the window before trying to tackle cooking dinner.

Images from here.