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I’ve been thinking about getting a cattoo…

As you are all well aware, I am completely at peace with my crazy cat lady-ism. Heck, 99% of the time I embrace it wholeheartedly. I love my fur babies, and I have a ridiculous amount of photos to back it up. Which brings me to today: after Charlie died last year, I wanted to get a memorial tattoo, and after 4 (oh yeah, it was 4) failed attempts at getting an appointment with the two artists I was interested in getting work from, I decided to shelve the idea. In hind sight, it wasn’t a bad thing considering I’ve since decided against my previously chosen artwork. Now I am going to wait until I find exactly what I want. However, the itch to get a new tattoo is still there. I’ve been considering getting one of the other tattoos I’ve been wanting, and the top contender is something to take my crazy cat lady status up a notch. I want to get a cattoo.

Cat 6Cat 2Cat !Cat 7Cat 5Cat 3Cat 8

All of my current tattoos are fairly large and extremely colorful, but for my cat tattoo, I am finding myself drawn to more simplistic black and grey images. I really wish finger/hand tattoos had a better shelf life because a tiny cat on the inside of my right ring finger would be completely awesome, but if I am going to go through the pain, I want it to last.

Images from Bored Panda.


It’s happened! The first cat tea room has opened in the United States. San Francisco, the proud home to the Golden Gate Bridge and the house where Charmed was filmed, can now add yet another exciting destination for locals and tourist alike – KitTea. The trend of tea rooms where patrons could interact with resident felines originated in Japan. Over the last few years, the trend has made its way across Europe with tea rooms in Rome and London, and now the US has one of our very own. If cats and tea aren’t enough for you, all the feline residents are also available for adoption.

KTea 5 KTea 3 KTea 9 KTea 7 KTea 6 KTea 2 KTea 8 KTea 4

To learn more about this amazing new addition or to make reservations, check out the company’s website. If you like to hear more about how this amazing place came to be, you can watch an interview with the founder.


All images from the Tea Room’s Yelp Page

Baubles for Fur Babies

I’ve always been a bit jealous of people who have pets that don’t mind playing dress up. My uncle has a Pomeranian that LOVES playing dress up. She figured out a long time ago that dressing up got her extra treats and attention, so now she patiently waits for you to dress her, then proceeds to prance about so in an “I’m so pretty” fashion. I tried to put an elf hat and jingle collar on Octavian once and he refused to do anything but glare and lay on the floor in a melted boneless kitty lump. The offending hat was later mysteriously shredded. Since all my fur babies are indoor only cats they don’t even wear collars anymore. Which I didn’t mind until I got an email from Bauble Bar featuring their latest batch of baby bling.

Bauble 10 Bauble5 Bauble 3 Bauble 2
Bauble 9 Bauble 8 Bauble 4 Bauble 1
Bauble 7 Bauble 6

I want to buy my babies bling so badly! They would be fashionable as well as adorable.



All images from Bauble Bar.

I am a Crazy Cat Lady Part 37

My name is Julie and I am a Crazy Cat Lady. I rebelled against tradition and married a wonderful man named Andy, but it’s cool because he is a Crazy Cat Guy. We have six, that’s right, six Crazy Cats. It’s a problem, seriously, I love my fluffy children like super whoa big time. I’ll even go so far as to say that I like my cats more than I like most people. Are you going to lay across my lap when I am cramping and hormonal? I thought not. Just saying. As if I wasn’t crazy enough there is the new-fangled thing called the internet and like 30% of its content is cat-oriented. And they know about me, even the ads on the side of my facebook page are a covert cat overture. Like this neat t-shirt site? Oh wait, while you’re here did you see we have an ENTIRE section dedicated cat stuff? I’m only so strong you guys.

Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 4 Cats 3 Cats 5 Cats 6


That last one is for you, Estefania! And these six products are a scarily accurate portrayal of my life. Even the tote bag! That’s what it looks like at dinner time in the Bucior household.


All images from HUMAN.

What every office needs…

We are back from Savannah! It was a crazy trip, but we had a lot of fun. I was planning on getting my brother’s memorial tattoo at the same shop that did my honeymoon tattoo, but they were completely booked. I should have called to get an appointment, but our travel details were up in the air until the last moment and honestly, I didn’t think there would be a lot of people wanting to get tattooed on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Oh well, now I am using my local contacts to find the best shop here in Tally.

Our fuzzy horde was very pleased to see us yesterday. Oh they let us know who unhappy they were. How mistreated and woefully neglected they’d been, what horrible parents we were. Pretty much the same thing I hear everyday when I get home from work, times 3. My mom came back to Tally with us and she is helping me get my home office up and running. Speaking of offices, Andy found this awesome desk. Unfortunately, I already have a lovely desk in my office, but it is the perfect option for any of you other cat lovers who don’t.

Cat Table 1 Cat Table 2 Cat Table 3 Cat Table 4 Cat Table 5 Cat Table 6


Desk and images from here.

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