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Friday Link Love

You guys, something really exciting happened this week! I had not one, but TWO perfectly crisp golden hued leaves in my driveway yesterday. I made a happy sound and stepped on them and was rewarded with that deeply satisfying autumn crunch. It’s almost like fall is trying to happen in Florida. The thermostat has even been steadily below 90. I know that isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of the season, but I’ll take every little bit I can. Especially with Tropical Storm Nate lurking closer than we Floridians would like. A little rain is fine, but I think the state has been through enough for this year, thank you very much. I might even bake some of the spice cookie recipes I’ve been bookmarking for the last month. I think some spice cookies and a nice mug of hot cider sound pretty perfect for a lazy Saturday or Sunday evening, and not a bad way to end the husband’s birthday week. To the links!

10 Regrets too many people will have in the next decade, and how to avoid being one of them.

A hotel that is fully booked the moment you check in? Intriguing.

Loving these tips on making your mood board a reality.

While I don’t think I’ll ever be a true “minimalist”, I think these are some great suggestions about how to curate and maintain a more meaningful household.

I’ve never considered taking myself “back to school shopping” as an adult. Now I think it might be fun to give it a try.

This gorgeous number is everything I want in a slip dress.

With the right tools, these votive picture frames would be a simple DIY that I think would work very well for your home or as a holiday gift.

I am only starting to dabble into the wide intimidating world of cake decorating, but I would love to give this cake a try.



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Friday Link Love

Hey guys! As you read this, I am running around Orlando with my west coast bestie. Last month she told me she was going to be in Florida for about a week visiting family and we decided immediately that we had to work out a way for us to see each other. Orlando is a good half way point, so here we are. Unfortunately, the trip is too short for us to work in any theme park time, but we are hoping to make it over to Disney Springs to soak up a bit of the Disney magic and probably take in some of the excellent baked goods offered all over the shopping/dining mecca. If you feel like following along with this little adventure, you can always check out my Instagram page. Usually I am pretty good at posting, provided I don’t forget my charger or something like that. Keep your fingers crossed for a safe drive, and I will see you guys back here on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Crepe paper always seemed a bit…well…meh as a decorating option, but this tutorial has given me a whole new respect for the humble roll of crepe paper, and I can’t wait to try it out.

Scented candles are a constant in our house, but I’ve never really considered rules or guidelines for how/when/where to burn them. Fortunately, this lady has.

This is so our house, it’s scary.

For the first time since 1972 snow leopards are off the endangered species list! Here are some cute photos to celebrate.

I’m a pretty big fan of glitter, but the first look in this trio is a bit much even for me. The other two however, are right up ally.

This article about pumpkin spice immersion had both Andy and myself laughing so hard. So much spice!

I am so in love with this top, and it’s so cool that they offer the option of purchasing starter collections to help you build your wardrobe.

These modernized illustrations of Disney princesses are beautiful, and they’ve given me some style goals.



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Friday Link Love

It’s the first day of fall, ladies and gents! I feel like I should be doing something special like burning a PSL while dancing around in Ugg boots waving a plaid blanket scarf. You know, something seasonally appropriate. I am at least wearing the single plaid shirt I own. I thought about stopping through Starbucks or something for hot cider, but it’s about 80 degrees outside right now, and as much a my little heart wants to believe it’s fall, my head knows I am still at least a month out. It probably won’t stop me from a little bit of indulgence though. I mean, I have already gone apple picking and made baked goods from said apples. There’s no going back from that. Besides, I still have a veggie crisper full of hand picked apples, so I can’t stop baking any time soon. So many apples. #sorrynotsorry

This season, my favorite season, has to be started by watching Matt Bellassai Wine About It: Why Fall is the Worst. I love fall, but this makes me laugh so hard. Plus the bit about pumpkin is 100% true. Just saying.

If unlike me, your partner is interested in participating in seasonally themed shenanigans, here are 10 Charming Fall Date Ideas.

Also, now that I know they exist, I need these fairy light filled pumpkins in my life.

I read something very exciting, Practical Magic, one of my favorite movies/books is getting a prequel in November! The Rules of Magic will be about the aunts, Jett & Frances, and their mysterious brother Vincent. I can’t wait!

I’ve never made a whole lot of bundt cakes, but this recipe for Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake with Pecan Praline Glaze… yeah, that sounds amazing.

Evidently, being a royal isn’t all gracious waving and tiara wearing; there are rules. Some important, some ridiculous, but still rules!


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Friday Link Love

This has been a crazy week. With Irma bearing down on Florida this past weekend, Andy and I decided to pack up the cats and a few select belongings and caravan our two vehicles up to NC to stay with my mom. As you can imagine, gas was scarce, traffic was awful, and the journey took us several hours more than it should. Ultimately, we were really lucky and Irma veered off at the last moment, just brushing Tallahassee. Our neighborhood had some downed limbs, but according to my next door neighbor, the power never even went out. This was not the case for other parts of the city, but it did mean that Andy and I had a fully functioning home to come back to (after a horrible drive back) when my boss ordered every body back into the office by Wednesday morning. We’re very, very tired, but getting things back on track.

Many of my friends and family in the lower part of the state, however, are still without power and gas. It is heartbreaking because I know how miserable they are, but I can’t get to them without being stranded myself. Fortunately, rescue and power crews are working day and night to get things up and running as soon as humanly possible. A lot of them have been promised relief by the end of Saturday or Sunday. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that at the very least we’re all safe. And if praying is something your comfortable with, I’d really appreciate you sending up an extra one for all the people trying to put their world back together right now. Every little bit helps.

For all of you hard core Harry Potter fans out there, Pottery Barn Teen has released a collection inspired by the iconic series. They also have a few DIYs that’ll make your space that much more magic.

The world could use more of these Tiny, Weird & Brilliant ideas.

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your epic BBQ set up for next year.

I know the temperature has barely begun to drop (it’s been in the high 80’s here), but I am already dreaming about cozy fall dinner. Things like this Creamy Cauliflower & Leek Soup.

Flowers can do a lot to brighten up a space or elevate a table, but aside from cutting the stems and throwing them in a creative vase I find myself at a loss. That’s why I truly appreciate this tutorial for creating a sophisticated fall flower arrangement.

In the past I have been…well…a bit derisive when it comes to pre-fab homes, but this beautiful “surf shack” by Ikea has me changing my tune.

This “Young Wild & 3” Shibori inspired party has me wanting to do some serious DIYing.

These nightlights are whimsical as well as practical and I think I might need one for the back hallway or the guest bathroom. You know, for safety.


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Friday Link Love

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddd the wait continues. As all of south Florida floods the interstate fleeing the hurricane, those of us in the panhandle are precariously perched waiting to see if we need to follow suit. I hate waiting, I am the worst at waiting, I mean, it’s dangerous to send the tracking code for a package because I will stalk that thing until the delivery guy rings the doorbell. This is so much more intense than that. Honestly, if it were just Andy and I, we’d probably already be gone, but the logistics of loading up 4 senior cats with various health issues and making the 8 hour drive to my mom’s… it’s daunting even with the best of conditions. We’re still doing every last thing we can to be extra prepared, but I am also looking at maybe hitting the craft store tonight and picking up some easy craft project supplies so I have something to keep me busy if we stay and end up loosing power. So if you guys wouldn’t mind taking a quick moment to send up a little prayer or some positive energy for me, I would greatly appreciate it. At this point, we Floridians need all the help we can get.

Really digging the soft coppery tones of this fall inspiration table. And that gold leaf garland! Am I right?

Once I know whether we’ll be losing power or not, I’ll be making a batch of these slice cookies to keep on hand for unexpected visitors.

This DIY door hanger is so cute I think I might whip a few up for Christmas gifts.

So might feel super sneaky, but your camo ninja skills are nothing compared to The Invisible Man.  Dude’s game is STRONG.

We all know how much it can suck to have to come up with something for dinner at the end of a long day. Here are some tips to help you eat at home while minimizing the end of the day stress.

If you have a puppy or a doggo, you need to have one of these. We all need to stay well hydrated when we’re out and about.

Even though I am in my thirties, I still have a deep love for YA novels. This list from Buzzfeed has added quite a few items to my “to read list”.

I am so happy this tiny trash panda found a loving home and will someday be released into the wild, but I am super jealous of the lady who got all those adorable baby bandit snuggles.


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