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Christmas DIY: Advent Wreath

As I’m sure you remember, I was a little anxious to dive into the Christmas-ing this year. So much so, that I cheated on Andy’s “not until Thanksgiving” rule and decided to tackle some of the DIYs on my Christmas Craft board. The first thing I made was this Tea Advent Calendar(full tutorial) for our cat sitter, who is an avid tea enthusiast. Here is how mine turned out.



As you can see, I went a more colorful route. The best thing about this particular craft was the price. Andy and I drink a lot of tea, and between gifts and what we buy ourselves, we always have a large variety of blends stashed in our pantry. I also have plenty of wrapping paper and cardboard in my crafting closet so the only thing that actually had to be purchased for this project was the clothes pins, bringing the total cost of this wreath to $2.50, which is pretty awesome. Since I loved the large wreath -so much so I had a little trouble letting go of it-, I am considering making a few smaller ones (12 days vs. 25) for a couple of the people in my office, as well as myself, maybe even one for Andy to take to work with him. Hopefully, the cooler weather will hold on, and things will be perfect for a steamy cuppa first thing in the morning or before bed.

Skirting the Issue: DIY Tree Skirts

Andy and I have had really bad luck with tree skirts for as long as we’ve lived together. I think I probably has something to do with our combined households leading to having six cats under one roof. We’ve tried pretty much everything, and even though we don’t put out the tree skirt until Christmas Eve, it is always destroyed before we can safely pack it away for the next year. The last couple of years, to make the impending loss less financially daunting, I’ve made our tree skirt out of supplies I already had in my craft closet. This year I’ve narrowed it down to one of these:

Ruffled Tree SkirtHGTV
tree Skirt 6
DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket Tree Skirt
Design SpongeTree Skirt 4

No Sew Blossom Tree SkirtLive Love DIY
Tree Skirt 5

3 No Sew Tree SkirtsA Beautiful Mess

Faux Fur Skirt
Tree Skirt 3
Scalloped Edge Skirt
Tree Skirt 2

Pompom Skirt
Tree Skirt 1

My mom and I made the first one year before last. It took a while to glue down all those ruffles, and there were a few glue gun burns, but we had fun and it turned out really well. Since she is coming in on Sunday I am going to try to talk her into helping me decide which one to make this year, and lend a helping hand when it is DIY time of course.

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Pretty Pumpkin Round Up

I know everyone went Halloween crazy weeks ago, but I am just now getting around to kicking off the holiday season. Currently, there are 6 tiny gourds (3 orange and 3 white) sitting on my dining room table awaiting their harvest themed spruce. There will be a traditional jack-o-lantern later on, but with the highs still in the 80’s and 90’s there is no way it would make it to Halloween if I carved it now. But back to the sprucing. There are a ridiculous number of “carving free” pumpkin decorating ideas out there, seriously, go to Pinterest type in “pumpkin” and see what happens, it’s insane. A bit of a DIY overload, but I sifted through pages and pages and settled on these six tutorials to draw inspiration from and put together a little round-up for those of you who are as behind as I am. Enjoy!

Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkins

Pumpkin 1


Tiny Message Pumpkins

Pumpkin 2

Glitter & Floral Pumpkins

Pumpkin 3

Foliage Decoupage Pumpkins

Pumpkin 5

Pretty Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkin 4


Gilded Harvest Pumpkins

Pumpkin 6

I am looking forward to spending an evening binge watching some tbd show with my crafting supplies spread around me and a warm mug of tea at hand, but no where near my brush cup. I have accidentally “washed” my brushes in my beverage cup more times then I care to admit.


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I Want to Make It, and Make It Bigger!

This DIY Cat Rope Coil Basket (full tutorial here) by Henry Happened is so damn cute. Perfect for a crazy cat lady like myself. But in true crazy cat lady fashion I can’t just make the basket, I have to make it better, and by better I mean bigger. I need to make a rope coil tote bag! Sure it will be heavy, sure it’ll be unwieldy, but it would be ADORABLE! I could even make one for my mom!

Cat Basket 1 Cat Basket 2 Cat Basket 3

That is pretty much my mental dialog while I was reading through the tutorial. The tote bag idea came from the size of the basket I’d need to make to put one of my cats in it. They’re cute, but in no way dainty.


Images from Henry Happened.

I’ve Got the Blues

The bangs in your face, thick eyeliner angsty indigo blues. The life is pain, nobody understands me, what does it all mean blues. I swear it’s like I’m 14 again listening to Alanis Morissette thinking about how unfair the world is.

Indigo 1.1

Indigo 2

Indigo 3.1


Indigo 5

Whilst wallowing in my funk, I started pinning indigo images to my “Blue” board (it’s just sad, I know), and I found some images of a dyeing technique called Shibori. A couple of the crafting blogs I read (Honestly…WTF & Design Sponge) have recently had posts about this process and I really think I’d like to give it a try. Now all I need is a moderately cool day and a decent excuse to give my boss when I come to work with blue hands. This part isn’t self deprecating: I just have an uncanny knack of getting whatever I am working with down the inside of my gloves, happens every time I dye my hair. I’m good like that.


Images from Blue, Honestly…WTF & Design Sponge