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Canopy Brunch

I’ve built a fair amount of pillow/blanket forts in my day, some more recently than you’d think. Not to long ago, I built a fort for Andy and I using our dining room table, and we had dinner in it. Next time I’ll probably put the cats in another room, but all in all, it was a lot of fun. Forts are one of those great things about childhood that seems to fall away as we inevitably “grow up”, but I don’t think we ever really lose that joy. I mean, I know a lot of women who have canopy beds, which isn’t really that different. I was absolutely delighted when I saw that the blog A Pair & A Spare created a whole beautiful brunch concept around a decorative “canopy” (which is just another word for fort). Here are some of my favorite images:

It gets even better; if you check out the original post here, there is a DIY on how to create your own gorgeous canopy. Brunch is amazing enough on its own, but fort brunch? Does it get any cooler?


All images from A Pair & A Spare.


I may have a minor Pinterest addiction, but to be fair we made collages in college (inspiration boards) and we used them as a way to focus and organize all the ideas we had for a collection, so isn’t Pinterest one giant “book” of inspiration boards? Anyway, that is pretty much how I tackle projects now days.  I updated my “Christmas” board this weekend, here are a few of the images helping me get into my holiday groove.

Christmas 8 Christmas 5 Christmas 6 Christmas 7 Christmas 2 Christmas 9 Christmas 3 Christmas 4

How are you guys getting ready for the big day?

Images from here.

The Best Font Ever

These gorgeous handmade flower letters by Alice Mourou are the first part of a project that will eventually be an interactive video messenger. I don’t know what I would say with my video, but at least it’d look good.


Blossom Type 6 Blossom Type 5 Blossom Type 4 Blossom Type 3 Blossom Type  2 Blossom Type 12 Blossom Type 10 Blossom Type 7 Blossom Type 9 Blossom Type 8 Blossom Type 11

So beautiful and intricate, and these pieces are 100% hand generated, Photoshop was used for color correction only.


All images from Alice Mourou.

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So I kind of forgot…

heart balloons

That Friday was Valentine’s Day. I mean, I know that Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, and I know that Friday is the 14th, but some how the two didn’t connect. Fortunately, the rest of the internet didn’t forget, and there is plenty of great craft and recipes ideas. Here is a Valentine’s Day Roundup for us last minute shoppers/creators.

Valentine’s Day DIY:

No Sew Valentine’s Mail Bag
Fringed Love Cake Topper
Paper Heart Garland 3 Ways
Living Letters with Fresh Flowers & Succulents
XOXO Heart Clutch
Plush Conversation Hearts
Embossed Goodie Bags

Valentine’s Day Cards & Printables

Paper Umbrella – Free Printable Cards
A Pair & A Spare – Free Printable Cards
A Pair & A Spare – Watercolor Card DIY
The Sweetest Occasion – Free Printable Cards
You Are My Fave – Looking at You Card DIY
The Paper Mama – 3D Strawberry DIY Cards

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Chocolate Cake with Rose Buttercream
Cake Pops & Printables
Kiss Meringues
Layer Cake in a Jar
Brownie Hearts & Bites
Strawberry Nutella French Toast


Image from here.



Christmas Inspiration

It is finally time to start celebrating Christmas! I know a lot of the stores started right after October 31st, but I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to get my Christmas groove on. We kicked things off yesterday by getting our tree, the first real tree I’ve had in years. The house smells lovely and the cats can’t seem to decide if it’s a fancy holiday salad bar or some evil pine scented monster that activates the equally evil spray bottle, but it made it through the night relatively unscathed so we’ll probably start decorating today. And by we I mean me, Andy usually supervises from the safety of the couch, but he will do any of the high spots that I can’t reach. I haven’t decided what theme, if any, I want to do this year(I am big on themes), but this Pinterest board entitled Xmas Naturel has given me a few ideas.

Xmas Natural 1 Xmas Natural 2

Xmas Natural 3Xmas Natural 5

Xmas Natural 8

Xmas Natural 9.0

Xmas Natural 9.1

Xmas Natural 9.2

Xmas Natural 9.3

Xmas Natural 6

Andy finds my need for a theme incredibly amusing.