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Gabriel Moreno

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with modern art. It seems like so many artists today have used the broadening definition of the classification of “art” to be lazy. I’ve been to exhibits where it takes longer to read the title than to comprehend the piece. Deep philosophical inference aside, sometimes a plain blue canvas is just a blue canvas, even if it’s 14 feet high. Just like a pile of dryer lint balls is just bird’s nest fodder even if you classify it as an “instillation”. But then again, sometimes you look at a piece, like these images by Gabriel Moreno and just looking at them is exhausting. When you think about the careful planing, the effort and skill it took to carefully create each piece, to precisely draw each line; I can’t even imagine what it must be like trying to wrap your mind around something like that. And they’re pretty.

Some disappointing art gallery visits aside, I do understand and wholeheartedly agree that art doesn’t have to be attractive or created in a traditional method to be good. For example, there was a grad student exhibit at FSU a few years ago, entitled “Pillow Talk”,that was truly amazing. The artist constructed a giant tree in his studio space and from the tree hung these odd amorphous plush shapes.  When you walked closer you realized that the the tree and it’s “fruit” were whispering.  We were in this huge warehouse type building, jammed with college students, visiting families and local artist all creating what could conservatively be defined as a roar, but around this piece everyone fell silent. We clustered in, intimately shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers, all of us trying to make out what the tree was saying. Now that’s good art.

Melissa Haslam

I don’t really have a lot to say today, we’ve reached the portion of tax season where I am just really tired and a little sad.  But there is only two days left, and my brother and my mom are going to drive up on Friday for a longish weekend. I think the worst thing about growing up is realizing that you’re going to spend a great deal of you adult life doing things you don’t like doing.  I really hope that I can pull things in a more positive and fulfilling direction by this time next year.

What does this have to do with Melissa Haslam? Not really anything.  I find her work incredibly beautiful and just the tiniest bit disturbing, and I’ve been meaning to share some of her work with you guys for a while now. This afternoon seemed like a pretty good time to sit down, unwind a bit and share some of my favorite pieces.

To see more recent work check out her website here.  I hope you guys enjoy the rest of you weekend.  I am going to try to post at least once more before the end of tax season, but that depends entirely on how high my blood pressure gets between now and then.

Images in this post from here.

The View From the Other Side

Perspective is everything.  Whatever we expierience is tainted by whatever we’ve gone through and whatever we’re currently going through.  I spent an absolutely rediculous amount of time trolling wedding blogs before the big day, and now I tend to go for home improvement and travel type blogs.  I do still visit a few of my favorite wedding sites, they’re a great source for DIY and part decor ideas, but it’s less of a “wow, I can use this!” and more of a “aww, I remember that!” One of my favorite segements is to see the engagement photos, you know that blissful few month after getting engaged and before you have the horrible realization of exactly what you’ve gotten yourself into. (I can’t stress this enough: SMALL WEDDING or ELOPE, at the very least hire a wedding planner, seriously folks…seriously).

I am so completely in love, and a tiny bit jealous of Tori & Kate’s LA engagement shoot.  The couple set the shoot in the home they just purchased and in the surrounding neighborhood.  Their little furry ones even make some cameo appearances.  You can definitely see a glimpse of what their lives are really like,with carefully coordinated clothing and great lighting, but you know what I mean. While we came away with some great photos, Andy I were both really uncomfortable with having our pictures taken, and I think we just ended up taking the photos we thought we “should” take. Looking at these gorgeous photos, it makes me remember lazy Saturday afternoons and snuggle flights, and I sort of wish we hadn’t been so afraid of letting our hair down a little bit.

Images from here.


Can you guess?

Sorry for the radio silence, i’ve been a little under the weather the last few days.  Allergy season is in full swing here in Tallahassee; and with my car covered in a yellow film of pollen and my yard blooming with all sorts of flowers that make my eyes itch and water, I’ve been in a heavily medicated fog or shut up in a dark room sleeping off my latest migraine. Today  has been a little better, I woke up with the knowledge that at the very least i’ll have my husband back tomorrow, just in time for my birthday.

Now that my light sensitivity has been dialed back to a bearable level I can share something that I discovered a few days ago.

These spellbinding images by Alberto Seveso are created by taking high speed photos of vibrant inks mixing in water. Strangely enough, it reminds me of watching my mom making our Saturday morning tea. While not as colorful, the result of the cold milk combining with the hot tea the moment before you stirred it with a spoon, created a similar effect.

Images from here.

Making Plans

Someday, when the house is unpacked, I would like to institute a monthly brunch.  Whomever is is town is invited and we’ll get to see our friends at least once a month.  Now that college is over, we seem to have lost the spontaneity of our previous social gatherings.  I remember a time where all it took was a blast text saying, “Sociology class cancelled, pizza and movie at SLC?” to have two car loads of us trying to find visitor parking and trouping across campus at three in the morning. Now that I once again have an actual dining room table and kitchen space(euphoric sigh) I am going to do my darnedest to put it to good use. Between this months issue of Sweet Paul Magazine (available for download here) and the pastel bunny shaped cuteness that is taking over all the stores, I am thinking maybe our first gathering should be an Easter brunch. Any takers?

Tempting, isn’t it?

All images originally from this months issue of Sweet Paul Magazine, which I learned about through Lobster & Swan.