Friday Link Love: It is on!


It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and you know what that means? Christmas!!! I am ready to deck the halls, and there is nothing anyone can do about it! Muah ha ha ha, the Christmas! ALL THE CHRISTMAS!!! Can you tell I’m excited? My goal for the day is to convince Andy to haul our Christmas storage boxes in from the garage. Why can’t I do it you may ask? Spiders. I consider de-spidering anything part of what he agreed to with that “for better or for worse” thing. As soon as that happens, I am going to take stock of what we have, make a list of craft projects to complement my current supplies, and then a list of things I’ll need for the aforementioned products. Have you started getting your house ready for Christmas? In case you’re not quite there, here are a few links to get you in the spirit.

A festive holiday sweater that speaks not only to my Christmas spirit, but my Cat Lady spirit as well.

A pretty Christmas Tree free printable to get your decorating started.

Or perhaps this ornament wall tree? A great option for small living spaces.

Don’t forget an Advent Calendar, maybe one from Starbucks? Or one that results in jewelry?

Maybe a little Hot Buttered Rum & Cider to sip while you’re wrapped in a fuzzy blanket making lists?

You could also peruse my Christmas Pinterest board. It has been getting a lot of TLC from me lately.

I also have a Christmas Craft board loaded with DIYs and tutorials that I want to try out. I may have a few that I am even planning on sharing with you guys at a later date.


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