After my rather…enthusiastic Link Love last week, I bet it comes as no surprise that the first day of the month of December is pretty exciting for me. It’s the official 25 Days Til Christmas Countdown, and in honor of that countdown here are 25 things I am planning to do this month.

  1. Bake Christmas Cookies
  2. Deck the halls and mantles and bookshelves and the doorways…
  3. Buy festive holiday stamps
  4. Send out my Christmas Cards
  5. Procure a Christmas tree
  6. Decorate said Christmas tree
  7. Fill the advent calendar for Andy
  8. Finish my Christmas shopping
  9. Wrap ALL of the gifts
  10. Mull some cider
  11. Break out one of my big fluffy sweaters
  12. Sip some Russian Tea
  13. Celebrate the Solstice
  14. Wear silly holiday earrings
  15. Go to at least three community Christmas events
  16. Use the fireplace
  17. Do 5 Holiday DIYs
  18. Watch Elf
  19. Drive around looking at Christmas lights
  20. Have a Holiday Girls’ Night In
  21. Listen to Christmas music until I don’t want to hear it for another year
  22. Make treat boxes for friends and family
  23. Make Christmas Dinner
  24. Make Boxing Day Dinner
  25. Trick at least one of the cats into wearing a Santa hat or bowtie

What’s on your “must do” list this month?


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