Grumpy, Sleepy and about three of the other dwarfs…

I am really not a morning person, and the world’s preoccupation with 8-5 office hours has always baffled me.  Even with my reduced office hours (I finally got the okay to go 8-2, yay!) I still have the worst time mustering up the enthusiasm to entertain and coddle clients before about 9:30. The bright side of it all is today we start Round 2 of the house hunt, and I know that every appointment I book and every frantic client I soothe brings me a paycheck closer to Andy and I having our dream home.  Speaking of which, check out this run-down Victorian corrugated-iron chapel converted into a quirky, but lovely home by Craftsman Nick Kenny in Faversham, on the Kent coast of England.

Kenny used only recycled and reclaimed parts, like old boiler room parts for the bathroom, to complete his vision.  I don’t think our house will be quite as cool as this, it is nice to dream and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to make a few inspired additions down the road.

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