Last Minute DIYs: Gifts in Jars

As the days until Christmas tick steadily down, the city itself seems to respond proportionally with an increase of frantic holiday shoppers. I am fortunately done. My final gifts were ticked off the list and wrapped a week ago. That sounds impressive, but this is the first year this has ever happened and it wouldn’t have happened this year either if my mom hadn’t been helping me, so believe me when I say I feel for you, last minute shoppers.  In an effort to lessen your gift buying burden, here are 5 quick and easy gifts in jars that I think most people would be delighted to receive.

Brownie Mix


Hot Cocoa Mix


Gingerbread Cookie Mix


Energy In A Jar


Peppermint Pampering Jar


The other good thing about these jars is they are all relatively inexpensive to create. So go forth, procure supplies, and in a single evening of crafting, finish off that list.


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