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Florida is definitely shaking off that whole four weeks of winter and diving enthusiastically into our four weeks of spring. The sky has been clear, the weather has been mild, and I have to keep reminding myself that people who are part vampire require sunscreen if they want to spend more than 15 minutes outside. I am hoping so spend some time outdoors enjoying the lovely weather. Maybe even a hike…okay, probably not a hike; that sounded wrong the moment I typed it. Maybe an outdoor walk, preferably within the vicinity of an establishment offering delicious iced beverages. Somewhere I can wear flip flops and not have to watch out for snakes. Seriously, you have to be careful about the whole snake thing in Florida; I’ve stumbled across more than a few in my almost 30 years. The struggle is real.

The most beautiful buildings in every state, have you been to yours?

I think this would be a cute an practical addition to any guestroom.

One of my favorite brands is teaming up with one of my favorite OITNB characters. Can not wait.

Loving these super easy DIY stamped shoes.

This is my newest instagram obsession. Color – check, gorgeous baked goods – check, Alice in Wonderland reference – check. Perfection.

Anyone interested in some old school snacking? You’ll have to bring your own juice box.

While I usually go for classes that are more hands on, this online photo class looks like it is going to be amazing.

I would like to try this fun fireside breakfast treat before the cold weather goes away completely.


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