Since we were there

Since we’d driven all the way out to Thomasville to see the Giant Oak Tree, we figured we’d go ahead and hit some of our favorite places downtown.

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Since Saturday is pretty much the busiest day downtown, we parked on one of the side streets and took a leisurely stroll to one of our favorite brunch spots Liams.T11 T10 T9 T12 T13 T4

An order of fritters, two decadent plates of awesome, and a round of photos to document the new wall decor, and we were back to waddling down the well loved streets to window shop and people watch.T6 T3

I love this bookstore so much. If I wasn’t careful, I could probably spend my paycheck inside of an hour. Along with books, they stock great stationary, tote bags, t-shirts, and DIY kits for all ages. Plus their staff is constantly creating interesting store and window displays.T7 T8
Thomasville is always one of those quick trips that I never fail to enjoy. The great food, quirky shops, colorful locals and their pets? I may not be your traditional girl from the south, but every once in a while I to like to bask in the picturesque genteel charm.

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My name is Julieanna Bucior, but I go by Julie (unless I'm in trouble). I'm thirty one. I am a bookkeeper by day, rogue fashion designer/crafter/amateur baker by night. I spend most of my time feeling like a kindergartner trapped inside an adult's body. I love reading, hanging out with my crazy cats and being silly. I'm pretty much the girl next door, with a twist.