Thinking Outside the Box: March Julep Box

Since this was to be the last month of my Julep Maven Box, I decided to go all out. I curated all of the products in my subscription box and I used the additional products option to select three other products at a discounted price, which in turn qualified me for a free mystery item. To make things even better, I cashed in my reward jewels and got even more of a discount on my add-ons. It was quite a happy afternoon when I got home from work to find the box waiting on my doorstep.

Julep 1 Julep 2 Julep 3 Julep 4

What I got:

When Pencil Met Gel(Smoky Taupe Shimmer) – This is a solidly good liner, while not quite up to the Urban Decay 24/7 standard, it is comparable to the Sephora Eyeliner and the Stila Smudge Stick I use regularly. I’ve worn it several times and it’s been a great addition to my eyeliner rotation.

It’s Balm (Dusty Orchid Shimmer) – This is a perfectly nice balm, I remain a steadfast lipstick girl, but if you want something quick and punchy this is a great product. It has a pleasant scent and it leaves your lips feeling moisturized vs. the greasy feel that many balms leave. You will have to touch up regularly though, but then again that has been my experience with every other balm I’ve tried.

CTRL + A Eye Makeup Eraser – I wanted so badly for this product to be amazing, but it was the biggest disappointment I’ve gotten in a Julep box. It took forever to get the damn thing to work , then it smeared the liner vs. erasing it. I called it a day and used my normal correction method (Qtip and a splash of my usual remover). I tried it again a few days later with a different liner and it ended up gushing out of the tip and made the entire line run instead of correcting one small area.

What I ordered:

Black Nail Daimonds: These seemed like the perfect way to give my nails a little extra sparkle. I mean nail diamonds and polish? That’s about as fancy as it ever gets for me. Since I’d never really used these before I’d had no frame of reference, but I thought they were a bit bulky to be worn for more than a few hours. I kept catching mine on things, and while they didn’t actually come off until I removed them, I felt like it was only a matter of time.

Areatha(aquamarine birthstone, multi-dimensional glitter top coat) – So very pretty, I paired it with my other birthstone polish Liza and I have the prettiest aquamarine nails that have ever been. I keep looking at them and shifting my hands back and forth to watch all of the layers of shimmer.

Delores(Iris linear liquid holographic) – Another shade for my ever expanding collection of purples. The base color is a lovely spring violet and the holographic shimmer is really pretty. Not as dark as I normally go, but still something to keep on hand for when I want to wear something a little different.

*Free Gift* Nayely(papaya nectar crème) – I was impressed that the free gift was a full sized polish, but I could tell just by holding the bottle that the color did not look nice with my skin tone. Also, I am not much of an orange girl. Fear not, I have already had a couple of generous souls offer to take it off my hands so it will be going to a good home.


We’ve reached the end of the three month trial and I have to say that as far a subscription services go, Julep is wonderful if you are a person who enjoys make up or nail polish. The price tag is very reasonable and they give members all sorts of discounts and freebies. I never once felt like I wasn’t getting what I was paying for. While I am excited to try out some new boxes, I am sad that this won’t be classing up my mailbox every month.


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