Currently: May

It’s that time again, folks; here is what is going on in my life currently:


celebrating – having my mom here for a few weeks! Andy and I are picking up my mom later on this week, and she is coming back to Florida with us for three weeks. I already have a long list of things to do and see while she is here. At the top of said list are Afternoon Tea, going to see Through the Looking Glass, and brunch at our favorite place in Thomasville, GA.

reading – I just finished a series, so I think my next move is going to be to revisit some of my favorite novels by Sarah Addison Allen, most likely starting off with Garden Spells.

pondering – how much Looking Glass swag I can buy before Andy takes away the credit card and sends me to addiction counseling. Seriously, I might have a problem.

sipping – warm water. It sounds a little strange, but my acupuncturist encourages me to forgo cold water and drink 6-8 cups of almost hot water a day. It is supposed to help you keep your system rinsed out, and I have noticed that it is a HUGE help with my seasonal allergies. The first week or so was a bit odd, but now I do it without even thinking.

going – to Charlotte. Andy and I are going to be heading up to North Carolina later on this week. He is going to drop me off in Charlotte with my college roommate and then he is going to drive a little further north and spend a couple of days with his mom and Dad. I am looking forward to catching up with Rebecca, and I love getting to hang out with her little girls.

It’s going to be a great month; what are you celebrating, reading, pondering, sipping, and going?


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