Thomasville & The Tipsy Topper

I was checking my email Friday morning – you know, putting off getting out of bed by being “productive” -, and I found out one of my favorite shops in the near-by town of Thomasville was hosting a trunk show for New York based milliner The Tipsy Topper. Short notice, but I quickly texted my friend Jenn and she agreed to play hookey and drive down to the show with me after I left the office for the day.hat6This lovely lady is the Tipsy Topper herself, Ms. Mary Anna Smith.¬† She studied millinery at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been creating her fanciful hats for the last six years. hat9One of my favorite things about her hats was the use of vintage or found items to elevate each piece to timeless wearable art. As you scroll through the pictures you’ll see everything from carriage bells to mushrooms and seed pods. hat1 hat7I found myself having a very strong reaction to many of her creations, several brought to mind long ago literary and cinematic favorites. Which was really cool because I hadn’t thought about some of them in years.hat8 hat4 hat2 hat12This sassy piece featuring a pair of shed antlers, pearl caps, and silver netting was one of my favorites. The attention to detail really resonated with me. Although quite simple when compared to some of her more elaborate creations, it was thoughtfully constructed and each bit complemented and elevated the other elements.hat10 hat11 hat3
It was such a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. I loved talking to Mary and getting to hear about her creative journey, and I thought it was equally wonderful that she was keenly interested in the reaction I had to her work. She listened to every meandering, down the rabbit hole moment and was delighted to see the impact of her work.

To see more Tipsy Toppers, you can check out the company’s instagram page, and to purchase or commission a custom piece, you can email the artist at

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