Orlando Quick Trip

This was a crazy weekend. It kicked off with a lot of promise; after sleeping in, Andy and I met some friends to go see Dr. Strange, which was awesome BTW, but as the movie was ending, my poor hubby got really pale and started feeling sick. I got him home as quickly as possible, but it turns out that the poor guy had food poisoning, and he spent the rest of the weekend trying to sleep in between bouts of….well….you know… Unfortunately, this meant that he was in no shape to drive down to Orlando or visit with my friend Verhanika and her family with me like we had planned. He did however firmly insist that I not miss the chance to catch up with them and meet the newest addition to their family.

o2We actually ended up staying at the same place we stayed on our Disney Trip this past February. The hotel was under lots and lots of construction the last time we were there, and it still kind of is, but you would not believe the difference a few months have made. o7I mean, look at the pool! I didn’t get a chance to use it, but there was the pool, a splash pad, AND a lazy river you could float down in an pool float. I am already trying to figure out how to con Andy into another Orlando visit just to I can try it all out. o3The other cool thing about the hotel is that it is literally across the street from Disney Springs, so while my friend’s husband was doing the work convention thing, she and I loaded up the stroller and headed across the street for some Disney Springs Christmas awesomeness. o9 o10 o11So much of this was also under construction in February. I can’t believe that this beautiful sophisticated shopping/dining mecca is the same place that used to be kitchy, slightly boring, Downtown Disney. Now, I could spend a couple of days just walking around and blissfully kicking back in one of the cafes with a fancy beverage and a good book. o6 o4The Disney people really did pull out all the stops; the river that ran past all of the restaurants was a perfect Caribbean blue (something that as a Florida resident can tell you is not naturally occurring in this part of the state), and they had colorful buoys and skillfully crafted faux cypress knees to give everything that “natural” look. There was even a Sprinkles cupcake ATM. A. CUPCAKE. ATM. SERIOUSLY! o8And yes, I totally over paid so I could get a cupcake from the machine, and you know what? I’d absolutely do it again. o1The day ended in a much more laid back fashion; we had Thai food delivered to the hotel, and then we stayed up talking, eating, and half watching The Food Network. It was over before I could blink, but it was a great day, and it was truly wonderful to see my friends. I hate how far we all spread out after college. Clearly, I just need more vacation leave and more money to travel.

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