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As you read this, I am scurrying around somewhere in Chicago, most likely with a mildly exasperated Andy in tow. We are headed to Chi-town (Andy has begged me to not refer to it as such once we actually reach our destination) for my brother-in-law’s wedding. It will be my first visit and I have to tell you, this smallish-town Florida girl is very excited to see what she can see. I’ve done research and made lists, and while we will be spending the bulk of our trip with family and doing wedding, I have plans. Museum plans, park plans, bakery plans. I even have a mini list saved on the notepad in my smart phone just in case we find ourselves with some unexpected down time when we’re already out. Be sure to follow along on my Instagram; I will be doing my best to post photos of the shenanigans while they are happening.

While I am only using a hiking backpack for this trip, I hope to some day add a piece or two of this gorgeous floral luggage to my traveling arsenal.

This brush stroke decorating technique is super easy, not to mention pretty, and I am thinking that I need to make a fancy layer cake just so I can try it out.

Summer may be winding down, but I think there is still plenty of time to come up with a reason to recreate this ice cream bar. Sunday sundaes, anyone?

After mentioning my love of food laden boards last week, I found yet another “how to” to share with you.

Along with cat cafes, the UK also boasts something else that I feel like Americans need, The Prosecco Van. Wedding receptions would never be the same.

In addition to their traditional bath bombs, of which I am a HUGE fan, Lush has now started making jelly bath bombs, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I’ve been wearing flower crowns since I was in the single digits, mostly for fun, but it is interesting to note that flower crowns have historical significance and not just as a trendy accessory.

Sooooooo, the internet has made me aware of this jasmine mint toothpaste, and I kind of want to try it, but I can’t decide where I come down on the subject of trendy pretentious toothpaste….


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