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25 was a really big year for me, got married, bought a house, adopted the naughtiest orange kitten ever…. But as Andy and I were discussing the “what’s next” of our life together, mostly when we want to have kids, I kept coming up with things that I wanted to accomplish before we take the next step. Being the awesome husband that he is, Andy suggested that we shelve the baby talk for a year-ish, so we can get in shape financially and emotionally. He also suggested that I take some time to come up with specific goals and make a timeline for when I want to accomplish everything. So here it is, my goals for the next year. 26 things I want to accomplish before or by the time I turn 27.

  1. Make and keep a weekly schedule
  2. Learn how to french braid my hairtried a few times, but only ended up with knots in my hair. Will try again next year when my hair is longer.
  3. Go antiquing once a month
    *Was not budget friendly…
  4. Create business cards
  5. Try 12 new restaurants
    Marie Livingston’s
    Cluster & Hops
    The Melting Pot
    Coosh’s Cajun Cafe
    Jonah’s Fish & Grits
    Marinated Mushroom
    The Chestnut
    Brickyard Pizza
    Wild Greens Cafe
  6. Launch my Etsy siteRan out of time/money, moved to next year
  7. Learn to use liquid liner
  8. Make myself a dressForgot
  9. Lose 30lbs Probably lost 30 pounds all together, but it has pretty much been lose 5 lbs, gain 5lbs, lose 2 lbs, gain 3lbs….
  10. Post on my blog 6 days a week
  11. Learn how to make french Learn to make frosting and cake from scratch.
  13. Travel outside of the USWe had to come up with $7000 to remove “dangerous” trees from or yard, so there really wasn’t the resources for travel.
  14. Master the smokey eye
  15. Find a perfume that Andy and I both like
  16. Yoga twice a week
  17. Plant an herb garden
  18. Road trip
  19. Red Lipstick Wednesday
  20. Define my personal style, donate everything else to charity
  21. Celebrate one of the big holidays in the new house
  22. Try candy making
  23. Have a monthly adventure
  24. Be more visible in my blogstill working up to having my picture taken
  25. Do a sketch every day
  26. Savannah trip with Andy

Some of these things are obviously more serious than others, but I think it’s important to include a few small easier to achieve goals to keep from feeling like things aren’t getting done. And don’t worry, i’ll keep you guys in the loop.

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