Julie vs The Tiny House: Round 1

Tiny houses. They’re everywhere these days – television shows, BuzzFeed articles, Pinterest DIY’s; everyone can’t stop talking about these mini marvels. But here’s the thing, I’m almost six feet tall; most days I feel like the standard sized world is just a bit cramped. How could I possibly live in a place that barely had the square footage of my living room? I got my chance to find out a couple of weeks ago when my mom and I stayed at this Air BnB listing. Initially, I mentioned the idea as a joke to my mom, but she was so thrilled about the prospect that I ultimately decided to give it a go. It was only two days, right? Plus our tiny house was actually part of a small tiny house community, and I just had to see that.

I began to get a bit nervous when I opened the front door and discovered that I could touch the couch from my perch on the front porch. A short step up and a turn to the right, and I had surveyed the whole of the downstairs (kitchen, bathroom, and dining/living area). 
I forgot to take pictures of the restroom ( you can see it in the pictures on the rental listing), but it was perfectly serviceable, if lacking a bit in luxury. The toilet was a low flush number with two separate push buttons for less or more water depending on the… deposit size. The shower was actually pretty cool; they had re-purposed a feed trough and then wrapped a curtain around it for the shower. Narrow, but it got the job done just fine.  Since the perusal took less than two minutes, checking out the loft area seemed like the next reasonable course of action.  Unlike a lot of the tiny houses I’d seen this loft had two sleeping areas, one directly across from the other, separated by a metal walkway. While you couldn’t fully stand, you could reasonably maneuver the area, which was much MUCH better than some of the homes I’ve seen where the ceiling is about a foot from your face when you’re laying down.  Now this is the point in the trip where my mother remembers she is afraid of heights… she did decide to set that aside when she realized that the little pullout in the living room was not all that comfy. Her first trip across the “bridge” I stood on the stairs 1 –  to plug the hole so she couldn’t fall and 2 – to give her a hand to balance with as she shuffled across. After that though, she got the hang of it and managed to get herself back and forth just fine for the rest of the trip.So how was it? Overall, it was a lot of fun. I definitely could see how two people, preferably a couple, could comfortably live in one of these. Things did get a bit tight when Andy had to join us – we had to shuffle around a bit when it came to things like going to the bathroom or making breakfast -, but by that point my mom had started referring to the place as a “peanut (our nickname for her) sized house” and talking about what bits she would change if she got the chance to build her own someday. The moral of the story? If you get the chance to spend the night in a tiny house, you should take it.

I also want to say that our hosts were fantastic, they were helpful and promptly responded to all of our questions, and when we needed to stay an extra night AND add a third guest, they had things sorted out and approved in under five minutes. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

*I didn’t post pictures of the other houses in the community since they were private dwellings, but I will tell you that one of them had a rock wall built into the side of it 😉

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