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Well you guys, I’ve been 32 for a whole 24 hours now. Doesn’t feel that different from 31, but I genuinely enjoyed being completely spoiled by my friends and family yesterday so I can’t say that I have any complaints. I have two and a half days of birthday week left, and I am a bit torn on how to spend them. On one hand, it’s been a busy week and the idea of “doing nothing” is immensely appealing; on the other hand, there are lots of spring festivals and other community things happening and Andy has to say “yes” to whatever I want to do… So I’ll probably do what I always do which is “wake up and see how I feel.” Not the most orderly way to go about things, but it mostly works. I am also going to finish writing my 32 before 33 list so I can get things started and share it with you next week. I hope you all have a wonderful spring weekend!

Let’s be honest, everybody poops, but things don’t always “move” the way that they should. Here are some tips to help you stay regular and relieve any blockages.

Punch was always something my mom made for very special occasions, and after reading these recipes, I am thinking about cobbling together my very own mix the next time I have people over.

Normally I am not a huge fan of wallpaper, but I think this cute cat print would be paw-some (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it) in a small space or as an accent wall.

I’ve always though 3D printing was some next level “we’re living in the future” coolness, but I think it’s even more amazing that people are utilizing the technology build homes for communities in need.

I always take online quizzes with a grain of salt, but this one on “Which Tarot Card Are You?” was eerily accurate.

Some wise words about being responsible for our own feelings and releasing the expectations we unfairly put on others.

It’s been years since I’ve dyed Easter Eggs, but I might give it a go this year so I can try out these natural dye options.

My massive canopy bed was one of the first purchases Andy and I made when we moved into our house, but as much as I love it I also find myself getting wistful and inspired when I see non-traditional headboards.

These are supposed to be funny, but I think life would be a lot better for all women if we just tried to treat each other a little more like this.


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