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It’s Easter weekend! Andy and I have big plans to go watch our nephews hunt Easter eggs for the first time. They’re pretty small, and I don’t think they’re going to get the “hunting” concept, but I think that’ll make things even more fun. Plus I get baby snuggles, and that’s always pretty great. I say this every year, but next year I want to have brunch for my friends and host a grown up egg hunt. Still put candy in the eggs, except for one that’ll contain a $20. I figure that will be incentive enough to get everyone to participate 😉 Here are some links to get your weekend going:

Andy and I got an Instapot for Christmas, but neither of us has been brave enough to try it out yet. I think these recipes for “10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Could Make in an Instapot” might just be the push we needed.

I am thinking about whipping up this little wreath to brighten up our new purple front door.

This charming lemonade bar is charming and perfect for this warmer weather.

Some ideas and recommendations for a quick and easy Easter brunch.

Coming from humbler beginnings, this article on class anxiety really resonated with me.

I picked up this pretty purple dress a couple of weeks ago, and I have been LOVING it. Super comfy, and I get complements every time I throw it on.

This before and after on the renovation of a childhood home is heartwarming. It’s wonderful to see an old place given new life by people who really care about it.

Kids always have questions; here is some great advice on how to positively talk about something that might be considered “different”.


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