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Chocolate cake. Chocolate. Cake. CHOCOLATE CAKE. I had a chocolate cake that I loved; it was my favorite chocolate cake in all the world. It was made by a waitress at a restaurant a mere 7 minutes from my front door. It wasn’t available every day, but I could wrangle a piece a week if I really wanted. Sadly, the restaurant expanded to two additional locations, and they decided to go with desserts that were easy to mass produce and my beloved chocolate cake was no more. We even tried to special order one for my birthday, but they weren’t interested. Ever since, I’ve been sampling cakes around town, hoping that I might find something better or at the very least comparable, but alas my search has yielded nothing so far. I have decided that I must take matters into my own hands and find a recipe.

My first try was the “Ultimate Chocolate Cake” by Buzzfeed Tasty

Ratings out of a possible 10

Chocolate Flavor: 8 – it was really good, but not quite perfect.

Texture: 10 – spot on.

Frosting: 6.5 – a little better than “okay”, but I’ve had and made better.

The “M” word: 8.5 – perfect moisture day of and after, but dried out easily.

Effort: 7 – a little more than a simple rip and bake, but I think anyone who has made a cake from scratch before would be able to execute the recipe.

Overall: 7.5 – my taste testers literally RAVED about this cake, but for me, it wasn’t quite up to snuff. I do think it is important to note that I don’t care for stout and I could definitely taste it in the final product.

So the search continues…..


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