The View From the Other Side

Perspective is everything.  Whatever we expierience is tainted by whatever we’ve gone through and whatever we’re currently going through.  I spent an absolutely rediculous amount of time trolling wedding blogs before the big day, and now I tend to go for home improvement and travel type blogs.  I do still visit a few of my favorite wedding sites, they’re a great source for DIY and part decor ideas, but it’s less of a “wow, I can use this!” and more of a “aww, I remember that!” One of my favorite segements is to see the engagement photos, you know that blissful few month after getting engaged and before you have the horrible realization of exactly what you’ve gotten yourself into. (I can’t stress this enough: SMALL WEDDING or ELOPE, at the very least hire a wedding planner, seriously folks…seriously).

I am so completely in love, and a tiny bit jealous of Tori & Kate’s LA engagement shoot.  The couple set the shoot in the home they just purchased and in the surrounding neighborhood.  Their little furry ones even make some cameo appearances.  You can definitely see a glimpse of what their lives are really like,with carefully coordinated clothing and great lighting, but you know what I mean. While we came away with some great photos, Andy I were both really uncomfortable with having our pictures taken, and I think we just ended up taking the photos we thought we “should” take. Looking at these gorgeous photos, it makes me remember lazy Saturday afternoons and snuggle flights, and I sort of wish we hadn’t been so afraid of letting our hair down a little bit.

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