Black & Brass Mini Ikea Wishlist

Usually I am of the school of “more is more” – I like things that toe the line of “too much.” Lately though, I’ve found myself drawn to pieces that are down right minimal. This weekend I found myself deep diving into the IKEA website, feeling the simplistic timeless Scandinavian design. The unifying quality of many of the pieces was the color scheme of black and bass. Clean, understated, but just a little dramatic.

  1. BEGÅVNING – I collect bell jars; I have them spread all across the house containing bits, bobs, and tiny treasures that I’ve discovered over the years. This particular specimen comes in two different sizes, and I feel like it will look lovely pretty much anywhere in my home.
  2. BRIMNES – My home office is in desperate need of additional storage. Right now I am using plastic storage bins and room organizers left over from my college years. A nice sturdy book case like this would look fantastic with some coordinating storage baskets, and I think it would be a much nicer alternative to my current situation.
  3. BOMARKEN – Much like the bell jars, I love a good glass case as much as the next treasure hunter. With the flat top of this piece, I’d be able to arrange things on top as well as within.
  4. BLOMNING & BLOMNING – Andy and I have a lot of tea, as in we could probably open our own tea shop. Sometimes the mixed and matched collection of bags, tins, and boxes can make organizing and storing our bounty quite difficult. A few of these little fellows would go a long way in fixing that problem. I just have to remember to label them before I throw the original packaging away.
  5. RANARP – One of the big purchases we made when we moved into our house was a king size heavy wood canopy bed. It takes up a great deal of our available floor space, and consequently the bedside tables we have are quite small. Too small for a traditional lamp and all of the other things that need to be there. A matching pair of these wall mounted lamps would look fantastic on either side of the bed and would solve our lack of additional lighting.

While you can still make IKEA purchases online or arrange for curbside pickup at your nearest store, I think I will probably wait until I can look everything over in store to make my final purchases. I like the pretties, but I think it’s better for us to err on the side of caution these days.

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