Products I am LOVING Right Now

Routines evolve over time to accommodate lifestyle and habitat modifications, and the products we use the most change to reflect and accommodate our new needs. 2020 has been a very big year for changing the way we all live our lives, and over the last few months, my daily needs have definitely changed. Here are some of the products that I am using the most these days.

Nano Toothbrush – I am unnecessarily aggressive when I brush my teeth, so much so that my dentist and orthodontist both told me I had to take it down or I was going to cause serious gum damange and end up needing a gum graft down the road. Hard pass, so I did some research and settled on the Nano Toothbrush. The dense super soft bristles get your teeth squeeky clean with the tiniest bit of pressure and some gentle circles. I’ve been using this for a couple months now, and I just bought my three month replacement.

Good Day Chocolate Melatonin Supplement – Originally these were purchased as a bit of a joke. The idea of “night night” candies seem a bit silly and like an excuse to have a piece of chocolate before bed. I was so wrong, and I sincerely apologize for ever doubting these amazing blue candies. Since the pandemic started, I have had such a difficult time falling asleep: I toss and turn unable to shut my mind off; I sometimes almost end up in tears because physically I am exhausted, but I still can’t rest. I’m not saying that this hasn’t happened since I started taking them, but the number of sleepless nights has reduced drastically. A candy before bed is now considered an essential part of my nightly routine.

Rose Gold Classic Crocs – I have been VERY anti-Croc clogs for years. I think they’re clunky, unflattering, and ridiculously overpriced for something that is essentially a giant foam shoe. Then I found myself working from home for months. I had a couple pairs of “house shoes” aka plastic flip flops/slides that were perfectly fine for a couple of hours in the evening, but wearing them all day every day began to cause callouses and blisters on the sides/tops of my feet. I tried switching them up for some of the shoes I used to wear to work or to run errands, but from an ease standpoint it was tedious since none of them could be easily slipped on or off. The last straw came when I was folding laundry and I stepped down wrong and my flip flop literally cut the side of my foot. I was so done with something that was such a stupid problem that I decided to just give in and go with the most extreme comfort based option, the classic Croc. I did make sure to get a pair that was a pretty metallic color and I got them on sale, but they are what they are. Hideous, but insanely comfortable. I am considering buying a pair for Andy.

Garnier Fructis Mint Mojito Dry Shampoo – This product became my go to when I stopped washing my hair a couple of months ago. I find the overly intense scents of a lot of dry shampoos off putting, but this has a light pleasant scent and it certainly gets the job done. Depending on how active I’ve been, I go through a can of this every week and a half to two weeks, but the price is good and the spray function makes it very easy to use. I’m sure I’ll eventually branch out and try other types of dry shampoo, but for now, this is what I keep on hand.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye in Pony – This was my go to color a couple of years ago when I dyed my hair purple the first time, so when I found myself telecommuting with no need to keep a “normal” hair color, I placed an order immediately. This shade is the perfect bright pinky purple, and the dye gives a ton of color payoff without damaging your hair. My hair is very fine, so I can usually get two uses out of a single jar. Since it looks like my telecommuting won’t be ending anytime soon, I am considering trying another color in this product line, I just have to figure out which one. They’re all gorgeous.

What items are you loving right now?

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