Just One More…

Okay, I know that my last post was about popsicles, but I feel that given the time of year one more post is completely justifiable. To keep things a bit more interesting, today’s popsicles are for individuals 21 and up, with the exception of the mango lassi, that’s for everyone. As adults, we often get the short end of the summer stick (no summer vacation, days of sleeping in, guilt-free ice cream consumption ect.) so every now and again it’s nice to have something that’s just for us.

Recipe via Endless Simmer

Recipe via Bakers Royale

Recipe via Endless Simmer

Recipe via Desserts for Breakfast

The spell of good weather here in Florida seems to be holding. It’s hot, but there is an amazing breeze; and as long as you can find a patch of shade it’s the perfect summer day. This might just be the southerner in me talking, but with this great weather, and my looming dental surgery, I am really craving sweet tea and Bar-B-Q. Mmmmmm, love me some sweet tea.

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