Losing to a Carrot

I’ve had to make some unexpected changes since I got braces. One of the most unexpected was my lipstick. Since the braces slightly change the shape of my lips and mouth, my lipstick started wearing off in strange patterns and lips got seriously chapped. After a few days of this I had to try something new.  Enter the tinted lip balms by Fresh. Since I am a SephoraBeauty Insider” (basically it means in exchange for my email address, I get redeemable prize points to be used for special kits and a free birthday gift) I received two sample size tubes of the basic and rose Sugar balms for my birthday back in March. Mostly they’d just been taking up space on my bathroom counter, but after using them for a few days I am a converted believer. No more lipstick for me, it’s lip balm from here until the end of braces.

So where does the title of this post come in? From another braces induced life lesson. When my braces were put on, the lovely assistant gave me a list of things I should avoid eating/drinking. Basically, nothing overly crunchy, sticky or sugary for the next 24 months. She also confided that, from her own experience, if you really want to eat something then you’ll figure out a way to do it.

After a couple of weeks of a lot of softer, largely carb based meals I was really craving something fresh. After raiding the produce department at the Publix near the house, I made a huge plate of fresh veggies and Tuscan herb hummus (a-mazing!). Fast forward a few minutes, Andy and I are working our way through the plate and I decide I want a carrot. Since they are very crunchy, I had purchased tiny baby carrots, problem solved right? Wrong! Halfway through my first bite I knew I had made a horrible mistake. My entire mouth hurt, my brackets and wire made a horrible popping sound and I was positive that I had snapped or dislocated some part of my elaborate orthodontia. Fortunately, after frantically taking stock of the state of my braces I realized nothing had broken. Whew! Clearly carrots are now at the top of my list of things to avoid, but in 23 months I will buy another bag of carrots, I can’t allow myself to be bested by an orange vegetable smaller and thinner than my pinkie. You may have won this battle carrot, but just you wait, victory will be mine!

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